Some comments from very knowledgeable Skins’ fan


Read here for some good comments from a friend of ours – who knows football well.

Andy, I was at the game yesterday and have some random thoughts:

– The Packers have made a killing the last couple of years on play action (maybe top in the NFL – not sure). I think the Grant loss is absolutely huge for this team. Defenses aren’t biting because they’re not scared of the run.

– Brandon Jackson seems to shy away from contact. His numbers weren’t bad, but he needs to run with more conviction. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Kuhn (or Nance) get more carries.

– Greg Jennings with zero separation even when they rolled a safety over in coverage.

– Outside of Rodgers, Finley is probably their best offensive player.

– I don’t understand why the Packers didn’t run another play prior to attempting the 53 yd game winner. They had a time out and could have attempted to pick up another 5-6 yds.

– Even thought they didn’t convert, I think the decision to go for it from the 1 was the right call. If they go up 14-0, no chance the Skins come back.

– The interior of the Skins OL is not good.

– Some of the Packers drops can be attributed to Laron Landry.

– Clay Matthews is a monster.


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