McCarthy needs to learn from Mike Shanahan


I’ve written about this before, but I just want to point it out again. While most of the penalties called against the Pack this year have been have absolutely legit penalties – some of them haven’t been legit. There have been some questionable calls. And instead of pointing that out live during the game, MM always just says it has to get cleaned up and that he’ll watch the film.Lots of times it does just need to be cleaned up and lots of times it’s just sloppiness on our part. But at least sometimes, it’s crappy officiating that MM needs to address head on.

MM needs to be both more proactive and more reactive. In fact, he should borrow a page from Mike Shanahan. Yesterday, after a couple possible pass interference plays by our secondary weren’t called earlier in the game, Shanahan got after the officials big-time. He planted a seed for later in the game – and I’d argue it worked when Wash got a couple key pass interference calls at the end of the game…that were close. I actually think that’s good coaching. No, you don’t want to just scream at the officials all game – that’s lame. But if there is a particularly questionable call against your team, I think not questioning it can leave your team feeling a bit like you don’t have their back. It seems to me that officials never feel badly at all about calling penalties against the Pack because we never let them hear it if it’s a weak call. Psychologically, there is no negative consequence, so the behavior continues. Sherman was passive like this too. Holmgren wasn’t. Mike Shanahan isn’t. A coach needs to stick up for his players when there is a perceived injustice and MM doesn’t do it. I really think he needs to work on this.

One Response to “McCarthy needs to learn from Mike Shanahan”

  1. Nick Says:

    I remember Sherman being a bit more aggressive than MM. I seem to recall many a time he yelled at the refs. I always liked him as a coach, unfortunately his biggest problem was that he was a lousy GM and eventually put an awful team on the field that ended 4-12.

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