lots of reasons to be angry right now


but the defense put forth a pretty valiant effort.


12 Responses to “lots of reasons to be angry right now”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Offense lost that game. Second week in a row they don’t do ANYTHING in the 2nd half. Driver dropping a first down was a key play. MM not kicking the field goal on 4th down was key. Lee fumbling and resulting in a Finley injury was key. Driver, Lee, MM are the goats this garbage game.

    • Rusty Says:

      I’ll disagree on goats… Rogers, and the offense, was terrible. Inability to pick-up third and short. We can complain about the play calling, but the players ultimately failed. If an offense gets three chances to score on the one yard line, and FAILS all three times there must have been a serious lack of execution. Maybe the FG would have been a better decision, but they should have been able to punch it in. Though I’m sure there were other mistakes MM made.

      Driver is right on, that play could have been a ‘dagger.’ Lee had a lousy fumble and a TD. I’ll give him a pass… i guess I see rogers, Driver and the offense as the real losers here. Though just about every player on the team, other than CM the d-line, had some vital screw up.

  2. T V Says:

    Count Rodgers among the poor performers too. Looked edgy all game. Seemed to rush his throws. Several opportunities to run and didn’t. Unimpressive.

  3. 56coop Says:

    How about Marv Lewis? His tenure is up this year. Gotta be better than whats there currently. MM is no head coach

  4. TheChoj Says:

    Rodgers suffered a concussion on the final offensive play of in overtime


    Not good. With the way the NFL monitors concussions now, it it a real possibility Flynn will start against Miami, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    With the way our players are dropping, we might be finishing the year with an arena league roster!

  5. Campbell Says:

    Hey Packerpeople, I thought these were the games Super Aaron would win this season? Betcha the disgraced ol’#4 would’ve won.

  6. 56coop Says:

    Well hello Campbell. Fancy you showing up…Let’s see what happens tomorrow–maybe he can do some more “texting” between now & then

    • Campbell Says:

      Ah..56Coop, a little levity injected into the aftergloom of a loss never hurt. 🙂 But even a Packer diehard must be disappointed by the offensive fizzle.

      But they’re 3-2 and share the division lead. And we still can enjoy ol’ #4’s latest denouement in primetime tomorrow night.

      • 56coop Says:

        Offensive fizzle–man, that’s an understatement. Not to mention the defense being decimatede. But, just so you’ll know, Bears are 4-1. They lead the division unfortunately.

  7. eeyeats Says:

    All you guys do is whine. Suck it up, you didn’t play well enough to win.

  8. eeyeats Says:

    You won’t allow negative comments. Hilarious. Losers.

  9. Bearfan3454 Says:

    Uh excuse me cambell but I think the Bears lead the devision at 4@1.

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