just garbage


that was not a penalty on Woodson. why are the officials trying to decide this game? Just total BS


6 Responses to “just garbage”

  1. Billl Says:

    Do you guys ever stop crying about the officiating? Waaaaa.

  2. Ron LC Says:

    MMis an incompetent ass of a coach. And Rodgers just plain sucked. Along with that bunch of prima dona receivers.

    This team has not played a decent game all year.

  3. TarasBulbous Says:

    I think that flag on Woodson was warranted, he pulled the receiver by the collar. The Poppinga flag was BS but overall I don’t think the officiating was horrendous. There were a lot of holds that they couldn’t called (that the commentators noted, too) and they didn’t

  4. 56coop Says:

    Sorry Andy–go back & use your DVR–they were close but they were good calls. GB got away with a lot of noncalls just like Wash. did. GB should have salted this game away in the 1st half but did not. Seems like during the MM/TT/MM era GB has no killer instinct & plays to the level of their competitor and loses as many as they win.

    Way too many injuries with this team for 2 years now. Something is amiss.

    Time for a new regime or this talent is going to be lost. IMHO

  5. Scott W Says:

    That was some pretty uninspiring football. Any more injuries and the roster will look like a 1987 strike replacement team.

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