Game Thoughts Pack/Redskins

  • Tough defensive battle in this game. Despite injuries before and during the game, I thought our defense played a great game. 99% sure that if Matthews doesn’t get hurt, we win more comfortably. McNabb was getting more and more time after Matthews was out. Sure hope he’s OK but a hamstring injury is usually not good.
  • I don’t think Greg Jennings must be getting very open. A combination of Jennings often being right next to the CB covering him whenever Rodgers does throw it to him, and Rodgers not seeming to be so pinpoint accurate this year has made the former lethal duo, just a duo.
  • Drops by WRs hurt the team. Driver was off today – odd.
  • The mix of play calls seemed off today – the whole offense just seemed out of rhythm – though I’m not sure how much of that was MM’s fault and how much of it was Wash’s underrated defense.
  • In the red zone, we shouldn’t waste time with run plays. Rodgers is the best in NFL history in the red zone (w/re to TD/INT ratio anyway) and I think we should just give him 3-4 shots to score by passing or running whenever we’re 1st and goal.
  • While I thought the officials blew some calls, I do think a few of them were  blown for Wash too. They weren’t the reason we lost this game.
  • Crosby was huge in the first half and then not so huge.
  • Lots of folks are questioning the decision to go for it on 4th and 1 in the first half. I supported that decision. I just think that we shouldn’t have run the ball at all on the 3 plays preceding that one. Just let Rodgers work his magic (though I guess I should admit that Rodgers hasn’t been as magical this year).
  • I was impressed by the play of Peprah and Bishop. Peprah gave up that one TD but he was right with the WR and the WR made a great play. Peprah hits hard and played tough today. Bishop played tough as well leading the team in tackles (6 tackles, 7 assists) and getting a sack too.
  • Poppinga had a nice effect on the game today. His sack was big and the pass interference call against him was weak.
  • THe rash of injuries hurt us today a lot – but some guys stepped in and did OK in reserve. Quarless looked tough, Mike Neal played reasonably well and Bulaga was good for the first 3 quarters.
  • Not impressed much by Clifton any more (in fact, haven’t been for a couple years now). I think it’s time Bulaga and Lang get their opportunities.
  • Despite Brandon Jackson having a decent game statistically, our run/pass ratio just doesn’t threaten other teams. They know that most of the time, they can expect the pass and Wash did a great job anticipating what we were going to do (despite it not being hard to do).
  • With all these injuries, it’s time for TT to step up and make some moves. We have a week or so before the trade deadline ends.
  • Didn’t feel that Rodgers had his usual mental edge today. He usually exudes a certain confidence which affects teammates positively – but I just didn’t get that sense today. He seemed more frustrated than normal. Could have been Wash’s D or (I’m hoping not) ongoing frustration with the play calling or line-ups.
  • This was an emotionally difficult loss. Our guys played tough today and lost a heartbreaker.
  • As much as I’m ticked we lost here, I’m still not done with this team. I thought they put a lot of effort into this loss and the back-ups kept us in a game we should have won.

9 Responses to “Game Thoughts Pack/Redskins”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    The offense is just flat broken. As you say, running at the goal line was highly questionable (Packers are just not a power running team under the best of circumstances).

    A couple more points:

    — The Packers have scored 17 second-half points in the last 3 games. 7 of those came on Woodson’s pick-6 vs the Lions.

    — You have to go back to 2004 to find a game the Packers gave up 16 or fewer points, and still lost

  2. Nick Says:

    For me, given all the injuries, I think this season is shot. I just dont see us going very far with a second string defense and jermichael out of the mix.

    Also, not sure if it was reported here, but Rodgers suffered a concussion in the game and they are evaluating it now. Could be one of the reasons for the poor play near the end as I’m opretty sure it happened in the drive midway through the fourth quarter when he was blindsided.

  3. Katie Says:

    I was at the game, and I’m more concerned than ever about this team. Our defense did play great and we have the skins fans/players very frustrated in the first half, but the loss of Matthews really hurt us in the fourth quarter. It had to be incredibly frustrating to our defense to only allow 13 points in regulation and not walk away with a win.

    You also didn’t address the Finley injury, but I think it had a huge impact on our offense. Rodgers clearly missed having him as a target. Rodgers said last year that “…when Jermichael Finley was on the field, and healthy, especially in the last eight games, we were able to do a lot more things on offense…..we were able to avoid taking those sacks, and the ball was coming out of my hand a lot quicker.” I certainly saw yesterday exactly what Rodgers was saying.

    I agree that the refs didn’t lose the game for us, but that last hit on Rodgers (when he suffered the concussion) certainly looked like a helmet-to-helmet hit. I think we would have gotten the call at home.

    Going forward, we have a fairly tough schedule. Miami, Minnesota, Jets and Dallas before our week 10 bye. Couple that with injuries to Rodgers, Finley, and Matthews, who I would argue are our 3 most crucial players, and I think we could be in serious trouble.

  4. Taras Bulbous Says:

    I agree, I think this season is over before it really began. I hate to be a defeatist but I think, despite all the talent and promise of this team, it just isn’t in the cards this year.

  5. DaveK Says:

    This season has been hard to watch as a Packer fan. It seems like we lose a starter a quarter to injury. Couple that with an offense not even coming close to expectations and it is extremely frustrating. That game was absurd yesterday. The offense couldn’t find a way to score more then 3 points in the 2nd half? Really? Three f’ing points for this supposedly high octane offense. WR’s dropping almost everything at key times. Stupid turnovers. Predictable play calling at the goal line. Ugh….

    I would like to take some comfort in the defense but the Skins offense was horrid. They are not a good offensive team at all. They played more then good enough to win that game but that defense is going to be carved up my the Jets and the Vikings. Better hope Bigby, Harris, and Matthews come back full bore in a few weeks.

  6. Ron LC Says:

    MM cannot plan and Arod cannot play against the cover two. It is that simple! Even with injuries the defense played well enough to win against the Bears and Skins. It is all on the vaunted MM offense.

  7. Buzz Fladung Says:

    Andy, I was at the game yesterday and have some random thoughts:

    – The Packers have made a killing the last couple of years on play action (maybe top in the NFL – not sure). I think the Grant loss is absolutely huge for this team. Defenses aren’t biting because they’re not scared of the run.

    – Brandon Jackson seems to shy away from contact. His numbers weren’t bad, but he needs to run with more conviction. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Kuhn (or Nance) get more carries.

    – Greg Jennings with zero separation even when they rolled a safety over in coverage.

    – Outside of Rodgers, Finley is probably their best offensive player.

    – I don’t understand why the Packers didn’t run another play prior to attempting the 53 yd game winner. They had a time out and could have attempted to pick up another 5-6 yds.

    – Even thought they didn’t convert, I think the decision to go for it from the 1 was the right call. If they go up 14-0, no chance the Skins come back.

    – The interior of the Skins OL is not good.

    – Some of the Packers drops can be attributed to Laron Landry.

    – Clay Matthews is a monster.

  8. awhayes Says:

    great thoughts Buzz – posted them separately. I really think the comment about the usual reliability of play action being compromised by little run threat is true.

  9. nate Says:

    why did we get away from the running game ?and why do the packers not make adjustment at half time like the other team does they adjust ot our game plan and they start to stop the Offense .
    packer(TT) need to sign Larry Johnson and the head coach Macarthy needs to start using that LUMP THREE FEET ABOVE THERE ASS

    if the pack ran more Rodgers probably would not have a concussion or sacked 4 times.
    Why are the pack not using Korey Hall on screen passes or dump off passes in the flat ? or a 3 set back in the red zone

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