Should the Packers go after Leon Washington?


I know Seattle just gave something up to get him in the offseason and I know he had a significant injury last year. But the fact is, the guy can flat out play. Is his injury still bothering him? Don’t think so after watching both of his kick returns for TDs last weekend. Everywhere the guy goes, in any position he’s put in – he just gets it done. (His career per-carry average is 4.7 – and he’s a gifted receiver out of the backfield).

I find it curious that he doesn’t get many touches for Seattle – who decided to acquire another RB in Marshawn Lynch to put in front of Washington on the depth chart. With Forsett and Washington, I thought Seattle had 2 decent RBs. But their trade for Lynch makes me wonder about how valuable Washington really is to them.

But the final reason we should consider him is because he could return kicks for us. Again, I’m not totally done with Jordy Nelson – he does fine usually. (Though he should have never been put back out there after the 2nd fumble last week). And I’d have some reservations about putting a starting RB back there to return kicks. But Leon would be a huge upgrade over Jordy – he is an elite return guy. He could help the Packers in many ways.


11 Responses to “Should the Packers go after Leon Washington?”

  1. nate Says:

    for the kickoff and punt return yes maybe as the running back ,BUt Beanie Wells or Tim Hightower in Arizona those two are disgruntal about sharing time , and Brian westbrook is siting on the bench in san fran he still hs a year or two left in him. Ian Johnson shoud be signed to the practice squad he was released from Arizona PS and is a good pick up and this is cause i’m a BSU fan , i believe he is a hidden jem that need to be given a chance he broke LT touch down record in the WAC , he had the fastest time in the 40 at the combine among RB (2009) and was in the fiesta bowl BSU -vs-Oklahoma

  2. DaveK Says:

    Obviously you don’t make another move until you think the Lynch trade is dead so I wonder now that it IS dead if TT has a plan B. I just can’t imagine that plan B is using Kuhn/Jackson all season. Maybe TT wasn’t willing to go to a 3rd rounder for Lynch because he has another comparable deal lined up. I doubt it but I’m trying to make myself feel better…..

  3. DaveK Says:

    Ok, What you give up for Leon Washington?

  4. DaveR Says:

    After the 2010 season, DeAngelo Williams is a free agent. The Panthers declined to sign any of their free agents last season, they might be inclined not to re-sign Williams after this season. Plus Jonathan Stewart is currently in year 3 of a 5 year 14 million dollar contract and coach Fox is on the hot seat.

    I think Williams would give the Green Bay Packers a serious threat at the running back position and would be a major upgrade over Grant.

    Plus no baggage like Lynch.

  5. Rsuty Says:

    It just got a bit worse…

  6. Rusty Says:

    it just got a bit worse

  7. Nick Says:

    Oh – and Barnett may have a pretty bad wrist injury too. MM said it may be comparable with Chillar’s issue…..

  8. 56coop Says:

    Why do you fine folks keep bringing up these scenarios? Obviously, TT nor MM read Packergeeks (although they should). Nothing is going to happen & the Pack is once again stuck in mediocrity. I pray that I am wrong but I don’t think so. You build by the draft, you die by the draft. By the time you can draft for a need you lose a player you drafted for need because someone else will pay more. TT/MM need to be gone. Vikes are going “all in” but why would any team this close to being SB quality not go “all in”? This sucks……Just my HO..and you guys have much better football minds than me. BTW where’s PackerBelle?

  9. DaveK Says:

    Barnett is likely done for the year. Chillar may miss a month. Burnett done for the year. Grant done. Ugh….this is getting ugly.

  10. 56coop Says:

    Time for some Cha, cha, cha, cha, changes

  11. Travis Says:

    Injuries are killing us. If TT and MM sit on their ass any longer I won’t be able to handle it. But most importantly, if MM doesn’t improve his coaching (discipline, decision making etc) I’m going to be really really mad.

    But hopefully Rodgers speaking out was a wake up call for big Mike. But will it matter? I still think he as a head coach is terrible in controlling this team in practice and stuff. And we see why on the field..

    If he blows this year like it looks like he is, let’s bring in someone big. I’d love to see Cohwer as our head coach. The guy doesn’t take any bullshit. And with the type of people we have on our roster, they’d buy into him. Just like the players in New England buy into Belichick. He knows what he’s doing, so if you buy into him, you’ll have success. Just listen to him, he’ll show you how it’s done.

    I was so pumped for this year. Now I’m angry every week. I knew all the things saying about winning it all this year weren’t a guaranteed. And I knew no matter how good we were, it would be tough. 07 pats were unstoppable, until they lost in the superbowl. So I understood this year didn’t mean we would finally make it (unlike some people who truly did) but I really believed we had a significant chance to make a run.

    We should of had that chance. With who we’ve got. But what the hell have we done with who we’ve got. Jennings, Driver, Jones, Nelson, Finley getting thrown to by Rodgers should not suck. It doesn’t. But it looks that way. No even a 300 yard passing game so far I believe. All games have been within 7 (despite beating a terrible Bills team).

    Can this be turned around? I don’t know, I don’t think Mike is a very good driver, so him making a full u-turn is probably going to put us over a curb.

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