Nick Barnett done for the year?


If Barnett needs immediate surgery on his wrist injury, there is a chance he’ll be out for the season. Read here from jsonline. Wow. This is really something. It’s possible (likely even) that we’ll be without Barnett, Chillar, Morgan Burnett, Nick Collins and Mark Tauscher this weekend – according to jsonline. Unreal.

I guess we’ll finally see what Desmond Bishop can do – not the circumstances I would have chosen for his first real audition, but he’ll now get his chance. Barnett hasn’t been that great this year or last year – some good games, some disappearing acts. But if he is truly out for the year, we really have very limited depth at LB and this will hurt. You’d think it might force TT to scramble some and go after someone perhaps in a trade…nah…let’s just bring in some undrafted free agent whose playing in Turkey right now. (Actually, seriously, I wonder if former college LB Korey Hall will get some practice snaps again at LB.)

One guy to monitor through all this is Charlie Peprah. If he is healthy, he could be a force back there at safety. He’ll be super excited to get in the game regularly and in the preseason anyway, he was really hitting hard.


17 Responses to “Nick Barnett done for the year?”

  1. Travis Says:

    Adam Schefter just said Nick is done.

    Oh boy, what a season this is looking to be

  2. Kai Says:

    ….and we still aren’t looking at free agents. Given our run game and all these injuries, when does TT plan on acting?!

    Side note: I was checking out of a Home Depot last year here in Dallas. Checkout lady had all these pictures of Peprah in a Packers uniform taped to her aisle. Asked her if she knew him, and she said, “Yep. He’s my son.”

  3. awhayes Says:

    nice kai, nice

  4. DaveK Says:

    That is awesome Kai. Go back and get the inside scoop on injuries!

    I guess all of you pining for Bishop to get on the field will get your chance. No excuses now Bishop! Show us what you got!

  5. Nick Says:

    If TT doesnt act now with all the injuries I’m not sure how Mark Murphy keeps him on as GM. A great scout and draft guru, to be sure, but an awful day to day GM.

    And someone mentioned Cowher on the last post. I have been on that bandwagon since week 5 or 6 last year. While I have laid off the horn a bit, I still think Cowher would be miles ahead of MM in terms of commitment by players, penalties, and pretty much everything else.

  6. nate Says:

    every one chant COWHER at the next home game

  7. Nick Says:

    This is a great article about Clay Matthews on

    • Travis Says:

      Thank you so much for providing this article. It was an outstanding article.

      It just makes me think of the character that a lot of our players have on this team.. We have a great group of guys, who work hard at being the best.

      This is Green Bay Packer football.

  8. 56coop Says:

    Sorry guys but I truly think Cowher will be with the Panthers, or possibly the Giants. He built abig house on BaldHead Island and said heloves NC. It’s been the scuttle butt here for a few years that Cowher comes in when Fox’s contract expires (this year). Cowher also said he would not interview with a team that had a HC as he did not want another man’s job.

    I don;t know what the answer is but I don’t think the current regime can cut it. All the talent on this team will be looking for new homes if something does not change.

    Finally is there a problem with strength & conditioning. Every year it’s the sameold thing. Injuries, injuries, injuries & no depth. It’s getting kind of hard to watch.

  9. 56coop Says:

    And here’s TT’s solution

    • Nick Says:

      eh – I dont half mind this. We dont know how thin we are for a little while here – and if Chillar is ok for the long run, we dont need to do anythign at LB.

      RB is my big concern. We need to make sure the O is a well oiled machine so other teams cannot outscore us. That is the best defense at this point.

  10. Dave Schaumann Says:

    What I find frustrating about this situation is that with guys like Marshawn Lynch and Randy Moss getting traded around… well, I just wish TT would bring in a replacement or two that was more than just some practice squad scrubs.

    The way the defense is playing right now–the way Shaun ‘who?’ Hill passed for 331 yards on them Sunday–this season is not going to be pretty. Given the competition, the Packers might qualify for a wildcard spot, but with the same results as last year: 51 points scored by the home team.

    Maybe I’m being too pessimistic. Maybe things will turn around once Al Harris and Atari Bigby get off the PUP list.

    Somebody tell me something to make me happy. Tell me how the sudden ability to run the ball on that last drive on Sunday is a sign of what the offense will be able to do the rest of the season. Tell me getting a win in the playoffs is not a pipe-dream?


  11. rusty Says:

    Cooley will be a problem this weekend… Brad Jones might be the only LB, other than Matthews, that can cover him. Anyone here know much about his health.

    • Travis Says:

      I’m actually thinking that Woodson will be put on him. Who on the Washington side is a legitimate threat in terms of WR. We just need to stop Torrain, and Cooley basically. Santana Moss is good, but I think Tramon Williams or whoever will cover him won’t do too bad. Unless we start doing a lot of zone again. I guess we’ll see.

      But we’ve seen Woodson on TE’s before, and wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again.

      • rusty Says:

        I’m sure you’re right. Capers has done that often. I think Jones might be the best LB in coverage now. If I’m right about that I wonder if Capers tries him in more of an ILB position… however, given his injuries and minimal practicing I doubt it. Just a random thought…

  12. ScottL Says:

    With so many holes to fill from these injuries, maybe its better just to sit on the picks instead of getting desperate for 1 guy and then mortgaging the future

  13. mark Says:

    it looks like were gonna need some great luck in next years draft- the players are really bummed they didnt blow out Detriot- i got news for the Pack- unfortunately we’re not as good as we think we are-its just that simple. everyone was picking them to go to the SB- not gonna happen this year as much as i would obviously like.

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