Is Moss trade happening too late for Vikes?


Funny – I just wrote a lengthy post explaining in good detail why this trade was going to hurt the Packers. I talked about the psychological boost this trade will provide to a team with sagging confidence and a 1-2 record. I talked about how Moss would at the least offer up an extra distraction for defenses that are already super-worried about Adrian Peterson. I talked about how with Shiancoe and Harvin healthy (and possibly when Rice returns), defending the Vikes could be a real problem. I talked about how Favre is finally getting his wish and how this is such a mental boost for him (especially considering his mental game is way off this year – because he’s having trouble managing the expectations after success from last year…an issue that manifests itself when Favre forces the issue/turnovers). I talked about how smart the Vikings’ front office is and how I have quietly admired them now for several years – especially their willingness to take risks like picking up Jared Allen. I also rather immodestly gave myself props for predicting Favre/Vikes success last year and for predicting their failings this year.

Then I deleted the whole post when I looked at the Vikings schedule because I began to think this trade may be happening a couple games too late. The Vikes are 1-2 right now. They have the Jets in NY this week, then Dallas at home, then the Pack at Lambeau, and then a game at NE. Brutal 4 game schedule. It’s entirely possible they’re 1-6 by the end of it. But even if they’re 2-5 that may be enough failure for there to be dissension within the ranks. I’m not sure Favre, Moss or the Vikes would deal well with failure after such a big-time trade. On the other hand, if they do get by with 2 victories in those 4 games, then the trade may eventually pay off yet this year.  The next 4-5 weeks should be very interesting for our rivals – but at the least, I tip my hat to the Vikings’ front office for taking a chance when a chance needed to be taken.


14 Responses to “Is Moss trade happening too late for Vikes?”

  1. Nick Says:

    I agree with you and was thinking the same thing on my drive into work today in Minneapolis. Everyone is gushing about him, and even went as far as saying “how many times will he end up in the endzone in NY?”. Meanwhile, they will have a near impossible schedule the next four-6 weeks and they are still two games back of the packers and bears.

    It’s too late.

    By the way, I do give the owners credit. The more I think about Lynch going for a fourth rounder, the more pissed off it makes me that we didnt make a play for it. TT needs to admit that Kuhn and BJack arent cutting it.

    I think it will become evident this weekend as the Redskins defense is formidable against the run…

  2. Football Fan Says:

    It may be too late for the Vikings. But remember, the rest of the NFC North has to play essentially (except for 2 games) the same schedule. The Vikings may get hot by the end of the year while the rest of the North is dealing with the teams that Vikings have to play coming up. I believe the division crown will be up for grabs until the last week of the season.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Football Fan – very solid point re the schedule the rest of the teams have to play. It could be that the second half is much easier and the Vikes get hot. That is possible. (And if they go 2-2 in the next 4 games, they could really take off). My hope though, is that the Vikes struggle enough in the next few games to bring about a loser’s mentality that can be hard to shake.

  4. 56coop Says:

    I don’t see anything good about this at all. The way TT refuses to help this team and with some of MM’s bone headed moves I have already givenup on the SB this year. I just do not want to be swept by the Vikes again and this does not bode well. Hope Harris & Bigby come back healthy & ready cause TT will certianly not look to fill any voids. Crap.

  5. Dave K Says:

    Too late? They have 13 games left. Does not trading for Moss help them win the next four games? The Vikings understand their window is closing for a title. This move makes the Vikings better this year and giving up a 3rd is worth the risk to them rather then flushing this season down the toilet. Favre now how has three viable targets beside AP in Moss, Shianco, and Harvin who is now a much better #2 then #1. Moss changes the way teams will have to play against MN and it will help them both in the run game and throwing the football. The thing that may hold them back is that o-line. My hunch is they stabilize that line and the Vikings will be a team to be reckoned with going forward offensively.

    Two weeks ago I would have said this doesn’t matter. The Packers were a better team and the Vikings were throwing away the future to finish 2nd in the North. I am just down on the Packers right now and the way TT has handled this roster. They don’t have a legit strong safety on the roster. Bush is the starting nickel back. No one can rush the QB except Matthews which the horrid Bears and Lions proved the past two weeks. Our inside LB’s can’t cover a check down or a good TE. Tauscher has been bad this year yet Bulaga sits on the bench. We don’t have a legit RB on the roster and a GM that would rather stick with his 2nd round pick that clearly can’t get it done then trade away a 3rd round pick for a proven RB. Maybe my exceptions were too high this year but at some point TT has to polish up a roster to make a run rather then always looking for next year. Add some vets that can contribute rather then keeping 4 TE”s and 3 FB’s. Pull the trigger on a trade instead of letting another one slip through the cracks.

    Thanks for letting me vent….

  6. awhayes Says:

    Nice DaveK, I actually agree with most of your points. I particularly think trading for Moss was a very smart move by the Vikes. It gives them hope at a time when realistic hope was fading. Very smart. I like that their front office is willing to make a splash like this. (And I wish TT had the stones to do something similar for us at RB.) I think there is a chance this could really help them out. But as I indicated in a previous comment, I think there is also a real chance that the Vikes lose a few of these upcoming games which could have the effect of essentially creating too much of a psychological hurdle for them to get past (especially with the level of expectations rising because of this acquisition).

  7. Trav Says:

    My initial thought was that the Vikes are playing for the next 13 games and rolling the dice on the future or, mortgaging the entire future. It seemed like a foolish move at first

    After stepping back and giving it a second thought, I think it is a great roll of the dice for the Vikes, especially if they don’t do something foolish and sign Moss to a multi-year contract. (wait, please do that Viking Front Office staff!).

    While TT is always reluctant to give up any draft picks in the future and seems to be always planning for it, there has to be a point where the future is now. MN is playing for now. Is TT still playing for the future?

    Regarding TT and Lynch, I am wondering if there is another backstory to this similar to the Moss and Gonzalez failed attempts. I am willing to give TT the benefit of the doubt on this one, but my patience is wearing thin and this might be the last straw for me.

  8. DaveK Says:

    Andy, I hope you are correct. MN does have a tough schedule the next four and hopefully they lose 3 of 4 and the wheels come off when they hit 2-6.

    On the flip side, the Bears are entering the soft part of their schedule. (Panthers, Seahawks, Redskins, Bills) They could win 3 of 4 and be sitting at 6-2. Look for obnoxious Bear’s fans for awhile until their over-rated teams collapses the 2nd half of the season against a tough schedule.

    The upcoming Packer schedule is tough. At the Skins which is almost a must win. Then they get a solid Miami team at home but Miami is coming off a bye week. MN @ home. Then @ the Jets who might have the best team in the NFL.

    Trav – I will be interested in the back story also. TT lost Moss because he wanted a two year deal and Moss only wanted a one year deal. After weeks of negotiations with the Raiders the Pats swoop in on draft day and snag him. The Gonzalez trade fell apart because TT offered a 3rd and KC wanted a 2nd. The Falcons eventually gave them a 2nd weeks later. Three weeks ago there was reports that TT had called the Bills and the GBPG is reporting he made an offer. Seattle swoops in and outbids a few weeks later.

    My fear with TT and these trades is that TT always becomes a defacto negotiating tool for teams. TT comes in early and offers exactly what he thinks the player is worth. He doesn’t budge and that offer sits there while the other team shops the player and that offer. TT essentially does the scout work for teams (because he is a respected top-notch talent evaluator) and sets the market for a player. Other teams bolstered by TT’s valuation swoop in and up the ante a tad and secure the player. Pure speculation on my part but the pattern seems to be consistent.

  9. awhayes Says:

    Dave K – intriguing point. I have a feeling you may be right about TT essentially setting the market price for players. I know that offering the first, firm offer can be a negotiating tactic in and of itself – but I don’t know as it’s a great one for situations like this.

  10. DaveK Says:

    Interesting article. Talks about how cold the Childress/Favre relationship is right now and the effect of the Moss trade will have on the Vikings.

  11. Trav Says:

    ESPN was just reporting that at halftime of the Monday night game, Moss and a coach “went after each other” in the locker room and had to be separated. Seems like it was the final straw for BB.

  12. RayMidge Says:

    Moss is still a very scary player, as scary to face as any player int he NFL. I question (at my own peril, I understand) whether Favre has enough left to take advantage of Moss. He looks old and the arm strength/accuracy looks to be fading slightly. I agree with all of those that argue that Minny is essentially pot-committed already so this move makes sense, and I would only add that if anything can provide Favre with the jolt of enthusiasm he has been missing, this is the move.

    I also join with those who think TT has proven to be too stubborn on the Lynch non-move. A 4th rounder is a risky pick, its worth giving up to help this team in the short term. I am a TT supporter in general, but I think he has overrated the RBs on the roster. B-Jack is a fine pass catcher and 3d down blocker, Kuhn is tough as nails and relaible, but we need someone that defenses cannot defend even when they know he is getting the ball. Lynch seems to have that potential. maybe (hopefully) we are all overrating Lynch and the current trio plus Starks in a few weeks will prove good enough.

  13. Jake M. Says:

    Vikes had to make the move- I think Favre would have tanked the season (ala 2005) if they were 2-4 with no weapons helping him out. He probably threatened to quit unless they traded for someone like Moss, and to their credit, they did. But I also wonder about the long-term ramifications, because if the Pats are trading him to a team they’re going to play later, Moss must be clearly dogging it and messing up team chemistry.

    But it’s still a move that helps the Vikes in an area where they had a massive deficiency without Sidney Rice. Comapre that to Teddy T (and I like Teddy T, by the way), who hasn’t made the move to shore up the Packers’ clear deficiency at RB.

  14. Trav Says:

    Interesting insight by Jason Whitlock from Fox.

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