Rare pointed comments from Rodgers


Interesting post-game comments from Rodgers that are making waves on the national NFL scene now. Apparently, Rodgers took issue with the fact that when the offense was sputtering in the 2nd half of the game yesterday, the Packers didn’t have their best players on the field. He wanted McCarthy to use more spread offense options and dink and dunk and take a shot or two deep apparently – instead of doing whatever it was the offense was trying to do (I believe McCarthy called a number of runs in there). McCarthy’s response when asked was initially an innocent “we’re on the same page” type comment. But then he added a snarky: but “the coaches coach and the players play.”

Eesshh. I sense tension. While some may be surprised by the comments of both, I’m not so much. I wondered how long it might be before Rodgers let something out about the play-calling. Not because he’s a malcontent or because he’s often ticked about the play-calling (as far as I know) – simply because knows the playbook better than anyone on the team (quite possibly, including McCarthy) and he’s smart enough to know what calls might work best when. And, based on how things were working out in the second half offensively, it kinda seems like Rodgers may have been right…hence the defensiveness from McCarthy.

The interesting part of the comment to me though, is that he referenced not having the best players on the field. I really wonder what exactly he meant by that. If he felt more shotgun plays should have been called/more spread offense, I’d take that comment to mean we shouldn’t have had RBs Brandon Jackson and Kuhn out there as much as we did. Couple this comment with his quick embrace of the Marshawn Lynch rumors a few weeks ago and I can’t help but wonder if Rodgers sees the obvious thing we all see – that our running game needs more talent.


4 Responses to “Rare pointed comments from Rodgers”

  1. Nick Says:

    I think I read into what you do on the personnel. We dont have a running game and to keep Bjack and Kuhn on the field means James Jones or another receiver may be left off.

    I agree with him though. they had a productive drive in the second half – until Rodg threw that pick. They we dinking-and dunking that whole drive. And that was unstoppable versus the Bears until the fumble. Why not continue with it?

    I think we will eventually see Arodg calling plays himself ala Peyton Manning as he is a good enough game manager and player to do so. MM just loves doing it and it will be a struggle to pry it from his hands…

  2. Scott W Says:

    Madison sports talk this morning mentioned Rodgers angrily threw his towel into his locker when asked about the play calling. Finley also expressed his feelings comparable to Rodgers.

  3. Aaron Nagler Says:

    I think his comments were a direct reaction to the call where they had John Kuhn run a stretch play out of a shotgun set on 3rd and 2. That’s just silly.

  4. Travis Says:

    Rodgers needs to be upset. This may be the thing that gets this team on track.

    MM is not good. And I stand by this 100% until I see his over confident ass realize he’s got work to do himself. He’s too full of himself. And his game management and decisions are terrible.

    Rodgers is absolutely smart and talented. TT knows this, and I think it’s about time he puts MM in his place. This team does not look anywhere near like it should.

    This offense is BETTER than it was last year. But were looking MUCH worse.. That’s a problem. Put the special teams, defensive concerns to the side. This offense should be nearly impossible to stop. But from the first 4 weeks, I see an offense that is easy to stop.

    Make the moves you need to make, and start playing like the team this should be.

    The playcalling has been terrible. And trying to establish the run with the backs we have isn’t the answer. I understand they are better than what people make out, but it no way are they good enough to carry this team. I’m sorry. Having a number 1 back is huge help to this offence. Because having an elite passing game and a very good running game will score points.

    I’m very displeased and I think Rodgers finally speaking his mind needs to continue. He is smart, he knows what he’s talking about. And people respect him, and will listen. The kid is a great person, and has dealt with a ton of crap since he’s been here in Green Bay. And he’s handled it better than anyone ever could. Give this kid some credit, he’s not some nobody who hasn’t got a clue.

    Every year we get to a point where it’s like, you know what MM needs to go. Well I think this year I’m almost at the point of no return. He’s running out of chances, and I don’t think he’s capable of doing a good job. We need very good coaching like the other great teams out there, so we can compete.

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