Game Thoughts Packers/Lions

  • Scary game. Detroit is a better team than they used to be – plainly. And as much as we all expected to blow them out, Detroit is an NFL team and they put up a very solid effort. And Shaun Hill showed to me today why he has a surprisingly good winning percentage as a starting QB.
  • Our defense played poorly. We make plays here and there but Detroit totally dominated when they had the ball. Were it not for a few foolish mistakes (and frankly, to be consistent from week to week, some biased officiating this time for the Pack), Detroit could have pulled this one out.
  • We badly missed Brandon Chillar. Scott Linehan drew up an outstanding game plan today. For any Packer fan who has watched this team now for years – for some reason regardless of defensive scheme, we’ve struggled to cover TEs – remember Jay Novacek back in the day? Linehan used his 2 TE set super effectively today.
  • The Lions also ran timely screen and play action plays to their RBs/FBs/TEs.
  • Our offense really sputtered in the 2nd half today. The time of possession difference was unreal.
  • Frustrating that the Pack can’t seem to put together a full game. In each game so far, there have been major gaps in one facet of the game or another (often multiple facets).
  • AJ Hawk’s stats (9 tackles, 3 assists, 1 pick) are deceptive. He and Barnett were responsible for a major void in the center of the field and Pettigrew and Scheffler had their way. Barnett seemed to be playing hurt and Hawk continues to proves emphatically that he has zero coverage skills. I just hope Bishop gets a chance some day – I really do.
  • The offensive line did come up kind of big at the end there to help open holes for Kuhn. We gained tough yards at a time when Detroit was surely playing the run.
  • At a time when we needed big plays, we got big plays. Rodgers made a couple fantastic plays and Driver stepped up as he often does. Finley continues to be such a force.
  • Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings need to go out tonight, have between 8-12 beers each, say inappropriate things, send some ill-advised drunk-tweets, and just plain get back on the same page. I worry that Jennings has been so average since signing his huge contract. That deep ball that was picked off today by Detroit would have been a Jennings catch 100% of the time 2 years ago. And, the other Rodgers’ pick looked very much to me like one where Jennings didn’t cut in when he was probably supposed to (because if the route were designed to go to the end zone where Jennings was headed, The Red Zone Master would have put it there). The bottom line is that this team needs Jennings to be more of a threat than he is – especially deep – or defenses will cheap up and not pay for it.
  • This seemed to me to be a game where our coaches very fundamentally did not do a good job making adjustments. Both McCarthy and Capers.
  • Kuhn does run hard and despite the fact that he will never run for more yards than 10, he’ll fight his way to 10.
  • Overall, another sloppy effort. The team really has to clean the mental errors. Injuries did affect us today – but I think better coaching can help a team overcome the injury factor. The Packers are, somehow, 3-1 though and will likely be tied atop the division after this weekend (if Cutler keeps getting sacked). Even hyped teams like the Packers this year, need room to grow throughout the season. The key is that we won a game we had to win.

7 Responses to “Game Thoughts Packers/Lions”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Linehan did out coach Capers and that really has me more worried then anything else. I felt Capers got out coached in the AZ playoff game also. This team is never going to get over the hump if Capers can’t adjust to solid game plans by the offense.

    I thought Hawk and Barnett were just awful today. Gaping holes in the middle of the field and neither one did anything to stem the flow of check down after check down and check down.

    Tauscher is just not getting it done. Is it time for Bulaga to play RT?


    – Tramone Williams had an excellent game. Harris will be an outstanding nickel back when he returns.

    – Raji and Jenkins were both excellent until they wore down. That is what 70+ snaps will do to the big guys.

    – The Packers had only 40 snaps on offense. They ran 21 times and passed 19 times. The last drive skewed that a bit but those stats surprised me.

    – That final drive was a thing of beauty. Running the ball when the defense knew it was coming. Nice! Let’s build on that!

  2. mark Says:

    what yer saying is that we dont have a full team yet- i said that before- we are about 2-3 years away from having a contender type team- we’ll be about 8-8 this year mainly because we have one of the toughest schedules-i hope im wrong but im being realistic-we have a great QB and receivers -very good linebackers- we need better in all the other positions including COACH- which i believe will kill a great team.anyway i shouldnt vent with a win but like i said im realistic.

  3. mark Says:

    oh and Woodson we got him but probably not for the duration hes got about 2-3 years maybe

  4. Nick Says:

    Mark – 8-8? I dont see them going 5-7 to finish the season. If anything, MM teams tend to finish strong and start slow. Yes, its a tough schedule, but its looking not as tough as weeks go by (NFC East looks weak, niners suck, and vikings are not great).

    As for the game, I think the Offense looked fine until the first Rodg interception. They drive the ball down and he either threw an awful pass of Jennings missed the route (or both?). After that, the Lions were on the field for so long that is was hard to get a rythym. Plus – the first play bomb to Jennings was a good call, and I would give him that jump ball 9 times out of 10 – that CB made a great play for it.

    Overall – I dont know. I think the Pack play to their opponents level sometimes, and that is a coaching error. I think they will be fine, and they are adding wins. Could be much worse, just look at the Vikings, who will be 1-3 after next weeks loss to the Cowboys.

  5. 56coop Says:

    Nick–Vikes play the Jets next week,which could be an even better chance to put ’em 1-3 and then 1-4 afer Cowboys. (Yuck, who do you pull for in a Vikes/Cowboys game)?

  6. Nick Says:

    Whoops – thanks Coop, had the weeks switched.

    And that’s easy. I hate the cowboys, but I loathe the Vikes. I hope the Cowboys bury them.

  7. 56coop Says:

    Good reply Nick. Well said.

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