Trevor Pryce available


Whenever a team is forced to play an O-Lineman on a goal-line play primarily because they are short healthy D-Linemen, it makes me think that team may need some more depth along the D-Line. Trevor Pryce, who not long ago a key cog in the Raven’s always- strong D-Line, was just cut as the Ravens needed safety help (signed Ken Hamlin). I wonder if an old vet like this might be worth looking at to help us with our depth. He’s played in the 3-4 for a while now, started 7 games for Balt last year and may still have a bit left in the tank.

I realize TT won’t sign this guy, but it just seems like we’re a bit thin along the D-Line.

2 Responses to “Trevor Pryce available”

  1. Nick Says:

    ESPN is saying the Jets just picked him up. Would have been a good fit though.

  2. Nick Says:

    Its ok though. We still have this guy: Clay Matthews, NFC Defensive Player of the Month

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