Mike Florio reading Packergeeks?


Florio makes the same point I made last night in this post here. Most concerning piece of Florio’s post though is McCarthy’s quote saying he didn’t even consider letting the Bears score because he thought Gould would miss the chip shot field goal. What?

3 Responses to “Mike Florio reading Packergeeks?”

  1. Travis Says:

    “I did not consider letting them score at the end,” McCarthy said, per ESPNChicago.com. “I felt they [would miss] a field goal in the end.”

    Yup.. Florio must read this. MM.. wow. You amazed me this week.. Are you an NFL coach or a plain dumb ass. He needs to be on the hot seat because he does not do a good job, in fact he does a terrible job in preparing this team and running them in an elite way.

    Coaches need to run a team. And the best teams are run at the highest level. They are coached at the highest level. And they are prepared at the highest level. Combine that coaching, with a ton of talent, gets you far in this league. Right now, we get far on talent, and lose on coaching.

    That needs to end, the talent doesn’t last forever and we’ll just be wasting it if MM keeps this garbage up. It’s one thing to make all these mistakes, decisions etc, it’s another to prove you actually are an idiot by your post game comments.

    How did everyone come up with MM being this genius people go about saying… In any case, he’s far from that now.

  2. Travis Says:

    Dammit, totally forgot to mention my main point of this..

    I do fear getting rid of MM would ruin all the chemistry this offense has. I think it would take a ton of time for this offense to be running smoothly under someone else.. Maybe MM needs to hit the chalkboard and start learning how to coach and learn how to make the proper decisions.

  3. mark Says:

    or bring in a real head coach and keep the offense in place.(for now)

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