Larry Johnson anyone?


The Redskins just released him after a fairly lackluster few months. (Of course, not sure anyone could run behind that line – Portis has been equally awful). Not sure I’d be too pumped about picking up Johnson at this point mostly because he’s slowed down a lot and just isn’t the same guy who was so good a few years back. That said, having a veteran who could come in and likely not screw up – to essentially stabilize what is a shaky RB group at the moment, might not be a bad idea.

Your thoughts?


7 Responses to “Larry Johnson anyone?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    No idea about Johnson and if he has anything left in the tank.

    The Packers have had some time to evaluate Nance. In my opinion, Kuhn is a between the tackles runner and so is Nance. Neither guy is going to run around the edge for you with much success. I’m just not sure that Nance adds much more then Kuhn gives you. Could be totally wrong about that. If he is just another guy then maybe you sign Johnson to a minimum deal and cut Nance. Johnson probably chooses GB over other clubs given the lack of depth on the roster. Willie Parker is out there also. Clifton Smith just got cut by Miami today and they had some interest in him last week. This is where GM’s earn their money. Find us the right player TT!!

    I still think the Lynch deal doesn’t get done and that is a shame because the more I think about it and after seeing Lynch run on Sunday I think it might make sense for both teams. I’d give up a 3rd rounder for him and Bishop. We get a pretty dynamic RB to help make a run at it and the Bills get to ship out their 3rd RB for some future roster players which they desperately need more then most teams.

  2. ScottL Says:

    Don’t we still have that draft pick sitting on the PUP list? Maybe the Packers are waiting to see what the rookie can do if he can come back healthy.

  3. John Leonard Says:

    I was thinking that it couldnt hurt to at least bring him in for a look, but at the same time, you have to wonder why he was so comfortable being a #2 on the Redskins. If I was a top running back a few years ago, I wouldnt be ok with being #2, but is that because he knows he is done, or what? I just dont understand the NFL runningbacks. From Shaun Alexander to L.J. …. How does one go from top of the league to forgettable?

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    If they just want veteran presence and don’t car that much about production, why not just get Ahman Green back?

  5. Trav Says:

    I agree with looking at Ahman back if we are looking for someone who knows the system and has been a steady veteran for the team in the past. Probably cheaper for the team as well. I was never a big LJ fan, especially given his checkered past in KC (suspensions, etc.).

  6. awhayes Says:

    I agree re Ahman green being a better option due primarily to his familiarity with the offense. Good thoughts John Leonard re NFL RBs – it is amazing how they seem to go from hero to zero pretty fast nowadays. I think this happens at least some of the time due to a break down with their offensive line (Alexander/Seattle), or moving to another team behind another o-line. Part of it is opportunity – both Alexander/LJ gots tons and tons of carries in their prime. And part of it is simply an erosion in skills – when you’re not that fast to begin with and you lose even a little speed or quickness, it can render you less useful pretty fast.

    Scott L – we do still have James Starks on the PUP list (must sit out through Week 6) and the coaches really like him. He has a hamstring injury though (and he hasn’t played football now for 2 years) so even if/when he returns, it’s tough to say what he’ll be able to do for us.

  7. Nick Says:

    I’m not sure Larry Johnson is much different than Brandon jackson. A physical runner with decent speed.

    And the Lynch deal definitely wont get done – at least that’s what I’ve heard from some inside sources. He’s “too expensive”. Which I think is too bad. We need a true first string RB to contend deep into Jan – and I’m not sure we have that right now.

    Maybe Bjack and Kuhn can carry the load. The Chi game will be telling; but my guess is they probably cant. They are not dynamic enough to really be effective.

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