concerned about Rodgers’ wobbley passes


He has had at least 4-5 iffy passes today and he had several last week too. Not sure what is going on there. He has had some a couple great throws too (like that beautiful pass/catch with Finley when Finley may that over-the-shoulder catch). But I’m commenting on this simply because it’s so uncharacteristic for Rodgers’ to throw anything but nearly perfect throws.

(Ok, I’m bored).


10 Responses to “concerned about Rodgers’ wobbley passes”

  1. Nick Says:

    I’m at home in Minneapolis, so I didnt get to see the game, but if he had some wobbly throws and we still put up 34 points, I’m pretty excited for when he really gets into the swing of things.

    And judging by the stat line, Matthews had another huge game. Gotta be in the conversation for early defensive player of the year considerations.

    Big game next week – Bears just beat the Cowboys at home. Should be a tougher game than previously thought, and the hardest game of the year.

  2. mark Says:

    i didnt get to see the game -but i wonder if Rodgers is hurt and not telling anybody- hes had a slow start to the year- finished this game strong though-good to have a 2-0 start with Minn struggling.

  3. Nick Says:

    Also – the Bills definitely featured Lynch to try to get better trade value for him. It may have worked, and with our run game struggling, I think TT needs to pull the trigger. Maybe not with Lynch, but with someone.

    With Hawk playing well today too (although outclassed by Chillar and Matthews – all stat lines, so just a guess), that helps.

    Hawk for Lynch + a third rounder? I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Gotta try to win the big one by making moves at some point, and although the potential with a third rounder couldbe big, it shouldnt make or break the next few seasons.

  4. Travis Says:

    Well it sounded like the Bills have said he is not available. At all. It could change, who knows.

    And Mark, I don’t know if Rodgers is hurt. I think they just need to get in a better rhythm and hopefully it starts picking up now. It is a big game next week, but I do feel the Packers are ready for it. We just need to start fast and end strong.

    Team played well today.. lets keep it up!

    • mark Says:

      you could be right about rhythm but they seemed totally in sync in the preseason games as if to say -“no problems here” anyway youre right the bears will be a test.

  5. Nick Says:

    Travis – I’ve heard the same thing – but you have to figure that when a third string RB is used like a first string RB after a week of speculation and the team in question is hoorendous, just about anything is up for grabs. That could hold…but my thought is that they were just playing hardball.

    And I agree with everything else you said – I think its more rhythm than anything else. Just getting into the groove….

  6. Travis Says:

    Well if they’ve decided, we don’t need this guy and realize we pretty much need a guy.. Then it makes absolute sense for them to show case him. I guess will find out this week if anything happens..

    But all in all, I haven’t heard a word about the Packers management in pursuing Lynch. Doesn’t mean they aren’t interested or looking into it.. but the progress is minimal at this point. Although, this week would make sense for something to happen. Only time will tell.

    Has anyone heard anything about Lynch’s thoughts about this whole thing? That’s what I’m curious about. I bet the Packers would love to hear that he’d love to come to this team. To be back with some former team mates and help this team win. Maybe Lynch doesn’t want to be in Green Bay, but I think he does. And I bet he’ll say something this week.

    It’s slowly coming together, considering Hawk got a lot of time today, and he was kinda showcased too considering he played a decent game.

  7. Joe Says:

    Its his pad level.

  8. DaveK Says:

    Trade is not going to happen. Bills just not that motivated. TT just not that motivated. Let’s transition to Bears/Packers week.

    How does the new Martz/Cutler offense match up against a Capers schemed defense? Bear’s offensive line is woeful but Cutler is playing well and Martz system has the ability to help out a poor line. Forte has been very productive so far. I think Capers and the Packers 3-4 can confuse Cutler and I like the match-ups up down the line. Not real comfortable with Hawk/Barnett covering Forte/Taylor on the check down or swing pass. Burnett/Shields covering against Cutler and some pretty fast WR’s scares me a bit. It may be their first real test of the season. Last year Capers put Woodson on Olsen much of both games. Not sure he gets away with that this year as he will need Woodson on a WR.

    The best way to beat a cover two is a TE down the seam. Can Finley run by Urlacher and split the safeties for long passes?

  9. Nick Says:

    Just talked to some insiders. Hawk will not be traded at all, and lynch is too expensive.

    Anyway, DaveK, those are valid points. I think chillar can hold up in the middle, and I think burnett can step up enough to hold those middle seam passes to 10-15 yards at most. I’m more worried about the second point around those fast receivers, especially since it seems Hester can catch now.

    As for the Packers O. I think they will exploit the outsides with Jermichael, and the deep middle with Driver, Jennings. The bears short middle should be clogged with briggs and Urlacher, but I dont think they can cover Jermichael on the outside at all. hes too big, too fast.

    tough, tough game. And one that I pegged the Pack to lose before the season (I had them 11-5), so a win would be a bonus to me, and would prove that these guys are a force in the NFC.

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