Randy Moss/Brett Favre background


Thanks to Trav for pointing out this Andrew Brandt article over at National Football Post. As Trav notes, this does give us a bit more info w/re to the still murky details of the fracture of the TT/Favre relationship.

Couple thoughts:

  • I find it curious that the Packers were only willing to offer a 2-year deal for Moss mostly out of fear that if we offered a 1 year deal, he’d hit the open market and bank out – yet, we were apparently one of the teams to be interested in him after he did have a monster season with NE and was looking to cash out. Makes me think our re-interest in Moss, if you will, was driven by Favre being relentless about it. (In other articles, Brandt has described Favre as such when it came to signing guys…)
  • It’s interesting to know that TT really seemed to want Moss too – that it wasn’t just a totally Favre-driven idea.
  • I find Brandt’s opening statement very interesting: “The strange ranting of Randy Moss this week takes me back to the weekend of the 2007 Draft; much of it spent trying to sign Moss.” If we are to believe that they spent most of draft weekend trying to sign Moss (I see no reason to doubt Brandt) – imagine what this must have been like for TT, who considers the draft the most important thing in his life. It becomes a bit clearer to see from this article why both Favre and TT were annoyed with one another. Favre just plain wanted a top-flight WR and probably felt the Packers were just being cheap/too focused on non-free agents. Meanwhile, TT was trying to focus on the draft but had to deal with Favre and apparently Bus Cook lobbying for Moss.
  • I wonder if Brandt has written at all about this before. Odd that I haven’t read about this before. I had suspected at the time that not getting Moss again was something that Favre was pissed about (back in 2008) but this article makes a good argument for it essentially being the last straw for Favre. (And maybe for TT too).

I also

2 Responses to “Randy Moss/Brett Favre background”

  1. Travis Says:

    This was interesting. Who really knows how it all plays out, just too bad we didn’t get Moss. I think he would of had quite some success, and with the success allowed him to finally change into a more mature player and person. So we would of got a talented guy, who would be producing, and keeping his mouth shut. Would of done nicely in Green Bay I think.

    In other news, I wanna point out myself from JsOnline.

    Rodgers apparently has gone to say he wants the team to go after Lynch. This is huge. Huge. Rodgers obviously has a lot of respect by the organization, players, fans, NFL. People listen to him. So him saying this is a big deal, because it really gets people thinking about the idea.

    I guarantee this will have the organization taking a big look at this. Not because Rodgers wants them, it’s because nobody seems opposed to the idea. We all know Lynch is pretty talented. Although there hasn’t been much out of him lately (being in trouble, injuries etc) we know he’s capable because of his talent. The question is, can he continue to use that talent to produce.

    So if he’s got the talent, the main issue is how will he fare in terms of staying in line and not being a distraction and getting into trouble. Well I pointed this out before – and Rodgers mentions it too.. Having Lynch in a new place with new people can change them. Especially being in a place like this where the people around you keep out of trouble and don’t become distractions. They go about their work in a professional way, and produce on the field.

    It’s not to say we don’t have people who are all professional, do not get in trouble or do things that cause distractions (for example, Jolly). But the place is a good atmosphere, and there are a lot of players on this team who have plenty of character and seem to be great guys. I think that would allow Lynch to keep in line, and be more focused to help the team and work hard at doing his best.

    It would be really cool to see Lynch be brought in, and turning his career around. He’s got a lot of talent, and he can be a lot of fun to watch if he finally sticks to just playing some dam football. It would just add another strong weapon to our offense which would be unreal.

    I’m not sure this will even be considered, but if it does, and if it goes through, this may truly be a steal, and, a genius move.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Per PFT, It seems the asking price is a 3rd rounder and a player. Pretty steep price for Lynch. I don’t follow the Bills enough to know what they need in terms of a players. My guess is they have holes all over that roster. But, no way TT gives up a 3rd for him.

    Regardless, Lynch has some real personal issues. Read his wiki page under “legal issues” and I can’t imagine the Packers want this guy at all. I don’t buy the argument that Green Bay can magically reform someone. If he can’t stay out of trouble in Buffalo….But, if the Packers have some information that he has turned his life around and they can get the Bills to accept a reasonable offer then maybe it happens.

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