Michael Silver, Aaron Rodgers join in calls for Marshawn Lynch


Read here from Yahoo’s Michael Silver and here from Jsonline’s Greg Bedard. Readers of Packergeeks?

As Silver notes, this makes sense on many levels. A 3rd rounder and another player might be a bit much, but not if losing that other player wouldn’t hurt us (like Brady Poppinga). But if there is any truth to Buff not taking offers for him or being difficult about it at all – I totally agree with Silver, that’s lunacy. Buff is in a bad way. They need all the help they can get and they have exactly one position of luxury – RB.

Rodgers’ comments don’t surprise me at all. I had noted before that he played with Marshawn so he knows what kind of player he is. And at this point, Rodgers already has Sidney Moncrief-type credibility…if bothers speaking up about something, he’s probably right.

2 Responses to “Michael Silver, Aaron Rodgers join in calls for Marshawn Lynch”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Here’s a reason to care about StL @ Oak: loser gets penciled in for a new HC in early January (if not sooner), and a top-5 pick in next April’s draft.


  2. poker affiliate Says:

    Ted Thompson is to blame for not trading for Lynch. He doesnt believe in trading away draft picks, even when they are extremely thin at a particular position like running back.

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