And now, PFT talking about Hawk for Lynch


Where did they get that specific trade idea from? Read here. I’m not accusing anyone of anything here necessarily as I can’t “own” a proposed trade idea, but I did happen to write about this very specific trade option on Monday…

9 Responses to “And now, PFT talking about Hawk for Lynch”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Hawk’s agent said Hawk would be open to a change in scenery:

    Maybe this is falling into place.

  2. Travis Says:

    It really does seem to be falling into place. I came home after class in college today, to read comments about Rodgers welcoming the idea of bringing in Lynch. I go to my sisters to visit, and when I get home, Hawk says he wouldn’t be upset with a trade.

    But then I get confused all of a sudden. I must of skimmed over and not saw on the JsOnline post that a third round pick was offered, plus a player and they were rejected. Also, the Bills were contacted last week about Lynch. The Bills have refused, and now they have notified all teams (or teams) that he is not available for trade..

    What is up with that? First, getting a third round pick from him, is great for the bills. I truly don’t think Lynch is going to do anything in Buffalo, from everything that’s happened in the past, and everything that has lead up today with new players (C.J Spiller, Fred Jackson). Getting a third round pick to help out other parts of your team in more need seems to be the logical move, so I’m quite confused.

    Giving a third would be steep. Not sure how that could be justified, because now this whole thing turns into a gamble, rather than something we can try out, and if we don’t like it, we can throw it away.

    Giving them Hawk just seems logical. We don’t lose a pick, and we don’t lose a player who has a long future here. He’s not working out here, so why keep him, instead we may get someone who could really work out here.

    Also, Davek.. Were you the one who doesn’t agree about changing “scenery” will change a player. Not always, but it can. And in this situation, I do think coming to Green Bay would help turn around his career. I’m aware of his legal problems and the things that have surrounded him since he’s entered the league. But it’s never too late to pull things together.

    Let’s be real. These are young guys, who have hit the NFL level. Look to have bright futures. They think they’re on top of the world. Estatic. They can kind of just do what they want, they’ve made it. But then they start to realize things as time goes by. He’s not in the position he was, the starter, the future. He got a quick taste of a nice lump of money, well now he wants more, and the only way left now is to actually get his **** together.

    The NFL is not an easy thing. It takes hours on end of work, preparation and dedication to have great success. Some end up not caring, giving up etc. Others are motivated at regaining the spotlight and reaching their goals. Bring him to a place where that type of attitude is displayed, and he might start to really focus more on football and being the best he can be.

    But, there are idiots out there that throw an incredible life to waste. I’d trade the opportunity to live my life in the NFL. It’s a dream of millions, that only thousands can experience.

  3. DaveK Says:

    Yes Travis – I am skeptical that a change from Buffalo to Green Bay is going to change him much. I’m not saying he hasn’t changed or won’t change but it’ll take more then just a change of scenery. He hit a women with his car and left the scene. He got caught in a car with pot and a loaded gun. He stole money from a lady at a restaurant. Yikes…

    I agree with your sentiment that it seems like a real gamble to give up substantial value for a guy like that. If he was a free agent maybe you take a chance. You lose some $ but you can cut ties if needed. But, a trade is more of a gamble. You don’t get Hawk back or a draft picks back if you realize a few weeks later he hasn’t changed and isn’t Packer people.

    I’m sure TT and the Packers will perform their due diligence. If they pull the trigger it will be because they feel he is a decent guy that has matured this past year. Maybe Rodgers is vouching for him.

  4. Nick Says:

    All I know is that if Marshawn Lynch ends up on the Packers, and A.J. Hawk is in the deal. I will not only be happy, I will give all credit to the Packergeeks blog.

  5. Nick Says:

    Peter King also mentioned Marshawn Lynch to the Pack in his weekly “picks” column. Packergeeks started a rumor that is gaining steam!

  6. Travis Says:

    That would be unreal if packergeeks were the first to think of this idea.

    But really, there just seems so much in this that could allow it to work. Of course we don’t know what Lynch will do? Will he continue to be that guy who makes bad decisions and acts as if certain things don’t apply to him. We don’t know. But if he can finally reach his senses and grow up from that College kid who thinks his life is set, we may really find a gem.

    He’s got the talent. He just needs the dedication to put in the work, time, and effort.

    He’s got some experience with a few guys on the team – Rodgers and Bishop. If they had a good relationship in College, I think Rodgers would have a big enough influence on Lynch. Doesn’t mean it will be that way, but it surely could.

    To be honest, I’m not going to go insane if it doesn’t happen. Do I think it’s worth it, yes, depending on how much it costs to get him. But giving up Hawk is worth it. I’m done with Hawk, and I wish we didn’t have to deal with him anymore. Let’s move onto someone else.. Lynch.

    But we also need to keep in mind about our defense. Is our secondary at the level we need in order to be successful. And that’s not even including injuries. If we took a major blow to our unit, what are we going to do. But from a current personnel group, is our secondary good enough for this team to have a legitimate shot at the Superbowl.

    Is our Linebacker group good enough for this team to be successful? Those I’m still not sure yet. Our offense can win us games, but to count on them for every game is too much. And our defense needs to step up. Especially the secondary, and linebackers. If the unit we have are capable of that, then we don’t NEED to address that area unless something comes our way.

    So my thoughts are we need to really figure out if we should be focusing on adding in those positions. It’s great that Lynch could be a possible addition for offense, but if we need to make a move on defense instead, that is something that should be more of a priority.

  7. DaveK Says:

    Wayne Larivee was a guest on Chicago station 670 ‘The Score’ this AM. They asked about the trade rumors. Wayne said he had spoken with someone in the personal department and got the impression that trading an OL or LB for Lynch was “not their kind of move”. Wayne feels the Packers are comfortable with Jackson and Kuhn and the Packers believe Nance can run well between the tackles in their one gap system. They also seem high on James Starks and think he will be a solid 3rd down back when he comes off the Pup list.

    Just sounds like the Packers are comfortable enough with their RB’s that they are not going to give up anything of value to get another RB.

  8. Travis Says:

    Yeah, it’s probably 98% going to be that way. I don’t expect the Packers to make any more moves, and it’s not like Lynch seems to be available.

    As long as the organization thought about the idea and decided what to do. They call the shots, not us. I just hope this team will have a heck of a season.

  9. mark Says:

    dont know anything about Lynch -ive stated before we need a running game and we dont really have one- so getting one should be paramount- i like Hawk but will we miss him? again dont know- it looks like we could do more with Khun anyway.the guy has heart.

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