Tashard Choice another option


I know I mentioned this last year too – but Choice would be a good player to bring in as well (despite his boneheaded error Sunday night that cost Dallas the game). Only problem is that I read somewhere recently that Jerry Jones was quoted saying that Choice, in his opinion, is one of the best backs in the league. TT would never go far enough to negotiate for a guy like this as Jones would likely be irrational about it.

Other players we might think about:

  • Leon Washington (though he’d be tough to tear away from Seattle)
  • Ahman Green –  presently in the UFL I believe, knows our system well which is a huge advantage
  • Willis McGahee – though Balt would be reluctant to give up Ray Rice’s TD thief.
  • Ricky Williams – doubt Miami would go for this, but who knows
  • Bernard Scott – this guy is quite good backing up Cedric Benson, but a bit slight and may be injury prone
  • Jonathan Stewart – (would have to give up too much to get him)
  • Ryan Torain – (off Wash’s practice squad), very good player but injury prone

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