Grant out for the year


Ugh – so reports PFT via Jay Glazer with Foxsports. Read here.

My calls for trades and other schemes to improve our backfield suddenly may not seem so ridiculous. I’m simply not comfortable with the 2 backs we have (Jackson, Kuhn) for the remainder of the season  – if for no other reason than if 1 or both were to be hurt we’d really be in trouble. But also, neither has solid experience as a starter in this league. Ugh, this is brutal.

Marshawn Lynch and Steve Slaton should be called asap.


6 Responses to “Grant out for the year”

  1. Trav Says:

    I agree Jon, but I think the difference with the Brooks/Rison move was due to Ron Wolf being more active in terms of a trade or free agency. This may be revisionist history as I didn’t consult anything but my memory to make that statement.

    TT has shown that the draft is his primary means of building the team and I would not be surprised (but would nonetheless be very frustrated) if he does nothing and goes on with Jackson and Kuhn.

  2. DaveK Says:

    Damn. But, I think the Packers can win with Jackson but they obviously have to add another RB. Ahman Green and Willie Parker are available if they want a vet who can pass protect on day one. If not, let’s hope TT can find a gem on someone’s practice squad. My only worry about that is a young PS player is going to take some time to learn the system and pass protection responsibilities. Hate to have Rodgers hurt because the new RB missed the blitzing LB.

    Swinging a trade is always hard in the NFL but maybe it gets done. Not sure what Houston needs but Slaton would look real nice in G+G.

  3. awhayes Says:

    DaveK – Connor Barwin, the Texans DE/LB was lost for the season Sunday so they may be looking to fill a LB spot. (He’s a tweener at 260 lbs). Hawk/Poppinga for Slaton?

  4. DaveK Says:

    Andy, Would you trade Hawk for Slaton if you were the GM? What draft pick would you give up next year for Slaton?

    Slaton would solve two issues – KR and RB.

  5. awhayes Says:

    DaveK – not sure if you saw my previous response to your comment, but I would trade Hawk and Poppinga both for Slaton. I think Houston needs a OLB/DE because DE/OLB Connor Barwin went down Sunday and getting Hawk and Poppinga both might fill that need. (And they are trying out anyone and everyone apparently right now to fill Barwin’s roster spot – including several retired guys).

    It would be risky for us considering Slaton’s recent injury history – no question. But if Hawk and Poppinga aren’t really in the plans at the moment anyway, I guess I just don’t see their departure as being too damaging to the team.

    If I were GM, I’d try to make the trade first but if that didn’t work out, maybe offer up a 4th rounder for Slaton.

  6. DaveK Says:

    Hawk’s in the last year of his contract I believe. That is probably a hurdle in trading Hawk. Does Houston really give up Slaton for a one year rental of Hawk?

    I’d give a 4th rounder for Slaton also. (since it will be the last pick in the 4th anyways!!)

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