GB Press Gazette reporting Pack to sign RB Dimitri Nance to replace Grant


Humm…must be a dude TT has had his eye on for a while. Signed from the Atlanta’s practice squad. Rob Demovsky is reporting Atlanta tried to keep him but Nance has decided to go to the Packers. While I’m always excited for a young guy’s potential, this is a situation where I tend to agree with those calling for a veteran – or at least someone who has more real NFL playing time. Assuming Jackson is now THE guy, we need someone who can not only add spark to the running game (and ideally a different running style), but we also need someone who is really good at protecting Aaron Rodgers in blitz pick-up etc.


6 Responses to “GB Press Gazette reporting Pack to sign RB Dimitri Nance to replace Grant”

  1. DaveK Says:

    Atlanta has a stable of good vet RB’s on the roster so they must of thought highly of him to keep him on the PS and to try fit him on their 53 when TT came calling. Who knows…TT traded for Grant for a 7th rounder. I’ll trust TT on this call.

  2. Dan K Says:

    For all those Thompson second guessers……….if you’ve got more experience running a franchise than he does, then trade places with the guy otherwise bury your heads in the sand and go away.

  3. awhayes Says:

    Dan K – I’m not much of a TT second guesser anymore because he’s made some fantastic decisions as GM. But I certainly think it’s OK to have a different opinion than the guy without automatically being wrong. No GM is 100% right.

  4. Dave in Tucson Says:

    Looked at some video clips of Nance. Looks like he’s got good speed getting to the outside, and doesn’t go down easy on the first guy who makes contact.

    I’m really hoping TT can make something out of this guy like he did with Grant. Given what we saw on Sunday, the Packers can likely make it to the playoffs with just Jackson and Kuhn running, but it’s going to take some quality RB talent to get very far after that.


  5. Nick Says:

    I think TT is making sure the RB pen is full. I do think he will head out and grab a vet – but maybe not until after he sees Jackson handle the starting role for a week or two. No reason to freak out if Jackson mans up and puts on a show.

  6. 56Coop Says:

    I would say that if TT is even considering Lynch, nothimg will happen until after this weekend. Isn;t Hawk due about 10 mil next year? That could be a factor if any body wants him in a trade.

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