watching perhaps the worst MNF game ever


Between Mark Sanchez mistakenly thinking adrenaline and positive energy will carry the day and John Harbaugh/Cam Cameron running the same ridiculous push plays from their own 1 or 2 where they always are – I may not be able to watch the rest of this game. Unreal.


3 Responses to “watching perhaps the worst MNF game ever”

  1. bucky Says:

    I was wondering when Ahmad Carroll signed with the Jets?

  2. Dave in Tucson Says:

    This seemed like a pretty wacky week of football all around. When was the last time there were so many penalties, poor execution, and fluke plays?

    For those of you who didn’t stay up to watch sd@kc, the Chefs basically won on two plays: a fumble-6, and a 94-yard punt return for a TD. The Chiefs offense had a miserable night: Cassel was just 10/22 and 68 yards, and were out-gained by the Chargers nearly 2-to-1.

  3. Trav Says:

    Jay Glazer is reporting that Grant is out for the year. Not good news at all if confirmed to be true.

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