Trade Hawk for Steve Slaton or Marshawn Lynch


Not sure the Texans or Bills would consider this fair anymore considering Hawk’s obvious loss of value to the Packers. If they don’t go for it – I suggest throwing something more at them (including a draft pick if needed). But neither team has a great defense and at the least I figure they could use some LB depth. And neither team seems to value having these guys on the roster. With Grant out, I’d like another option out there in case Grant’s injury ends up being really serious and/or Jackson somehow gets hurt. John Kuhn did well running yesterday and I know he fancies himself a RB (was a halfback in college at Shippenburg I believe) – but I’m just not sure our roster situation is workable right now. James Starks is out on PUP until Week 7, Quinn Porter was placed on IR and Kregg Lumpkin was picked up by someone else – so we can’t turn to a RB who knows the offense a bit already.

I’m guessing we’ll bring a few guys in this week (like Ahman Green), but I’m seeking a more permanent solution.

UPDATE:  The Bills have at least temporarily lost starting middle LB Paul Poijpuq98uq3458 (again) and the Texans lost DE/LB Connor Barwin for the season this past Sunday.


4 Responses to “Trade Hawk for Steve Slaton or Marshawn Lynch”

  1. Aaron Rogders Says:

    We have a RB in our practice squad right now…

    But I do agree with you in trading Hawk before the deadline. The Packers must do this if they do not plan on resigning Hawk after this year so they can at least get something out of him.

    I do feel comfortable with Jackson though. I think he is much improved from his 07 rookie year.

  2. DaveK Says:

    I can’t imagine Hawk would be upset. Not playing on Sundays has got to feel pretty crappy for a guy like Hawk. But, the Packers will be facing some pretty good running teams and they will be playing base defense a bunch more. So, if he plays well in base he does have value to the Packers.

  3. Travis Says:

    I’m pretty sure Hawk wants a fresh start. It’s clearly not working here, he just hasn’t been the guy we had hoped he would of been.. So maybe if he’s somewhere else, he’ll actually get things working. I just hope a team see’s that, and gives us decent compensation.

    Our Secondary might not be too bad, but it’s hard to say. With the pressure we got from LBs, and Dline, it does make it easier. Hopefully the DBs can continue to do their jobs and keep this defense strong. But other than Clay and Barnett, that was it from pressure from the linebackers.

    I think that we need to seriously make a big trade for a very good pass rusher. I don’t know who, whose even out there, who we can trade for. But if the opportunity comes up, we really should consider it. It’s hard to make things happen if you have no time to throw. And our line stops the run very well.

    But you are right with the RB situation. I strongly believe Lynch, and possibly Slaton could be very very good here. As long as our line opens some good holes, both these backs burst right through them.. And that should allow for some good running.

    All in all, I do feel, and hope that some moves are coming. I’m not saying our team sucks, and that were not a strong team.. We are. But those would be some key improvements that could be the reason this team goes all the way. It might like it is now, but with the team we have, lets keep improving.

    Also, did anyone notice that it seemed like we were trying to force-feed Finley? It’s obvious the Eagles were focused on stopping Finley. Cool, thats fine, that leaves 4 very good WRs with less coverage. If the Eagles Blitz, which they were, that leaves even less coverage on our WRs. Rodgers should not be worried and try to force it to Finley because he’s covered. We don’t have to get it to him. If he takes defenders with him, our WR will be catching passes all day, and we’ll march down the field drive after drive. And if they start to leave Finley, we get it to him and he’ll do the work.

    That is the great thing about the receiving unit we have. 4 really good WRs. A top notch TE. They can’t cover them all. 1 can’t cover Finley, so they need 2. Jennings, Driver can win one on ones. Can read the zones. And Jones and Nelson are talented too. I really hope Rodgers recognizes this, and stops forcing the ball. Let them take away 1 or 2 of our guys, we still got 3 others that can do the job, and do it well. Whoever’s to blame for this (MM/Rodgers) I hope they see it.

    We haven’t seen Rodgers force passes. So I believe that he’s going to correct this.

    A wins a win, but lets get things on a roll starting this week.

  4. The Green Bay Packers Will Be Fine After Losing Ryant Grant For the Season | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] will not be trading for Steve Slaton or Marshawn Lynch. Or DeAngelo Williams. Or Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson. Stop with  all the silly trade […]

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