Harrell out for the season – Grant out for next week


Ugh – feel really bad for Harrell. He worked hard on getting back up to speed and I was hopeful he’d provide some needed depth this year on the D-Line. Just feel bad for him. Can’t imagine we’ll keep him going forward and I would think his prospects of being picked up elsewhere should rehab go OK are slim.

Grant’s injury looked pretty ugly so I’m not surprised at all that he’s out for next week. Brandon Jackson is fine and ended up doing OK yesterday though he only averaged 3.5 ypcarry. It was funny, he was so clearly given a specific instruction from McCarthy to not fumble under any circumstances and I think this actually prevented him from having a better per-carry average. The good thing is that he didn’t fumble, of course.

Again, Jackson is fine for now, but I still think we need to add some depth to the RB group. As much as I like the energy Kuhn ran with yesterday, I think we need another pure RB back there. My guess though is that the Packers will make do with Jackson, Kuhn and possibly RB James Johnson (from the practice squad) until Grant returns and/or James Starks can play come Week 7.


One Response to “Harrell out for the season – Grant out for next week”

  1. DaveK Says:

    They replaced Harrell on the 53 with Wynn. If they add another RB they will have to cut someone off the 53 which would probably be Quinn Johnson or Korey Hall. Or, if Neal is ready to play this week you may cut Wynn again to sign a RB. I’m just not sure they have a RB available though they like better then Wynn, Hall, or Johnson especially if you factor in special teams coverage units. It is a risk though to really have only one RB on the roster that is a true RB. Seems like too big a risk for a team carrying three FB’s.

    I know nothing about James Johnson. What about Ahman Green for a few weeks? Eagles now need a FB as they only carried one and he is out for the season. So, if you cut Hall or Johnson their is a good chance they get picked up by them.

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