Them’s fighting words Visanthe


Check out this rather bizarre crack Visanthe Shiancoe takes at the Pack. Where did this come from? And a bit curious that he would come out with this the night his offense played such a suspect game.


4 Responses to “Them’s fighting words Visanthe”

  1. Nick Says:

    “jumping on their jock, like they’ve actually gone to the Super Bowl, and won it.”

    He must mean aside from the four times they did go, and the three times they won it, correct?

    But seriously, I think this is a knee jerk reaction to how poorly the Vikes played and some jealousness that the Vikes dont have the same “new car” smell they had last year. I haven’t heard the Pack talking trash at all, nor being as obnoxious as the Jets with predictions of Dallas in February – so hopefully his shots were directed more at the media than the team itself….

    The only unfortunate part is that A.J Hawk probably can’t cover him (nor anyone else) so he will have some good games against us. Now, the Pack will still win by double digits because a TE as slow as he is won’t win them many games as the no. 1 receiver, but that’s beside the point.

  2. PackerBelle Says:

    I think he has a point in that the pre-season doesn’t really mean much, if anything and people are probably being premature in their Packer SB predictions.

    That said, the timing and phrasing of his comments seem to suggest some frustration and jealousy.

  3. Travis Says:

    Saying Packers are going to win the superbowl like it’s not even a doubt is obviously too much. But thats what media does, they take the best looking team and say, they’ll go all the way. It’s better than saying the Raiders will win it.

    But that Packers didn’t look amazing in the pre season. Much better last year. I don’t think that’s why people think this team will win it all. We’ve seen Aaron Rodgers and how well he can play, and the things he can do. He’s young, and he’s learning and getting better. And we’ve seen our WR core, such a talented group. Bring Finely in the mix and people feel good about the offense. We have seen Finley, with his physical build, his size, strength and great hands out match anyone who covers him. Throw it in his direction, and he’ll be able to get the ball. You can’t cover him. And having the talent with the WRS is scary good. Decent running game, healthy (and depth) on oline.. The Packers have a good chance to at least match points.

    The concerning part is the defense. We have some holes. Some issues. But we got a lot of talent there too. Playmakers. So, we can make the stop, or make a big play, and our offense has the ability to score every drive.

    It’s impossible to know whose going to be the champs. So much plays into that outcome. But there is no denying that the Packers look to be a legitimate contender and even a better team than the Vikings. And I didn’t need the pre season to make that judgement. It sounds like Visanthe is looking forward to the game between the two.. well, one thing I can say for sure is… so is Aaron Rodgers. It’s his time, no one deserves it more. Standout guy, who this year, can really prove how good he is, and the Packers are.

    Bring it Visanthe… going to have to play much better than you guys showed last night!

  4. foundinidaho Says:

    I think after the second time the Packers kick the Vikings’ butt, someone should send Visanthe a jock anonymously. Hmmm…..

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