Exactly how lame would I be considered if I were to admit that I now enjoy Silk (soy milk) in my cereal in the mornings? I’m concerned about this.


16 Responses to “Silk?”

  1. Aaron Rogders Says:

    I love silk!! I think more people should be drinking this. Much healthier than milk. Although in Wisconsin… people will consume dairy until they die. It’s why Wisconsin has the fattest people haha.

  2. Trav Says:

    When I glanced at my browser this morning and its RSS feeds, I saw only the title of the post and a bunch of thoughts raced through my head: Is he posting something about Rodgers and using the phrase “smooth as” before it? Is this going to be an impassioned plea to bring back the 1970’s and the long sleeved, buttoned down silk shirt? Was there an outing to the club on 108th and Silver Spring that went horribly wrong (or right for that matter) and the blog is now going NC-17? All concerning in themselves. Your intake of soy milk? Not as concerning, but a good way to get my mind moving in the morning. Thanks for the wake up!

  3. 56Coop Says:

    I stayed at “The Farm” in Summerville, TN once (google it) for about thhree weeks. Soy was their main crop (betcha can’t guess the 2nd one) and they used it in everything. Soy milk,soy ice cream, soy texturized vegetable protein for pizza & burgers. Just couldn’t bring myself to drink SILK. Much to my surprise I looked in the back of the fridge one morning and found some my wife had hidden. She puts it in our morning smoothie, along with yogurt. It’s much better than that crap we drank on the Farm.

  4. P_Dawg Says:

    Apart from the lameness factor, just how short a stool is needed to acquire milk from a soybean?

  5. Joe Says:

    Healthy? perhaps in fermented form but the science just ain’t there for non-fermented soy products. Stick with the cow.

  6. Aaron Rogders Says:

    If you think drinking milk from another animal is healthy, you are crazy. Especially if the milk is designed to add 400 or more pounds to the animal.

  7. Nick Says:

    Most commentors have strayed from the actual question you have posed.

    I will answer it for you.

    On a lameness scale from 1 to 10 (with 1 being any music by Flock of Seagulls and 10 being Arodg winning Super Bowl MVP), I’d give drinking soy milk a solid 3.

    This equates roughly to someone enjoying a salad (as a main course) at Morton’s Steakhouse, knowing all the words to a Justin Bieber song (and enjoying it), or cheering for a football team because their “colors are pretty”.

  8. Aaron Rogders Says:

    In Wisconsin, unless the beverage you are drinking is Beer… you are considered lame. haha

    If you substitute your milk with beer, you will then be considered manly and Nick will give you 10.

    • Nick Says:

      Ha – not quite. I would have also given a 10 for the following drinks:

      * Arnold Palmer (virgin or not)
      * Warm apple cider (with Rum or without)
      * Gluhwein (Go to Austria or Germany in winter, and you’ll understand)
      * And anything Arodg drinks before games.

  9. BubbaOne Says:

    Drinking Silk is lame for another reason. Soy produces estrogen, so men and especially boys should minimize their soy intake. A lot of people are unaware they also have dairy allergies as well. Try rice, almond, or hemp milk instead.

  10. Kozak Says:

    You might want to buy yourself a “Bro” or a “Manziere”….

    Men, Soy, Estrogen

  11. Nick Says:

    By the way, nice to see the Vikes lose last night; but I couldn’t help but think I was watching two 8-8 teams.

    The Saints looked sloppy and I thought the Off. playcalling was atrocious. The Vikes had 3 CB’s healthy, so the Saints could have split them five wide and tore them apart (See: opening drive). But it was almost like Sean Payton decided he needed to run the ball and run short bubble screens to mix it up. Both of these strategies play right into a team playing short in the secondary….

    Not sure if it was opening week sloppiness, but that was not a good game played by two elite teams.

    • Kozak Says:

      Loved all the comments about Favre being out of sink with his receivers.
      Gee maybe if the old man had actually gone to minicamps and training camp they’d have a better feel for the timing? Nawww, he’s FAVRE!

  12. CindyV Says:

    I was reading the Minnapolis Tribune’s sports coverage this morning. The columnists are suggesting that Brett indroduce himself to the other players because they sure played as if they’d never met.

  13. CindyV Says:

    I hear a report that the receiving corp told Favre when he wanted… them to stay late that they told him that he should have been there for preseason and not throwing to high schoolers.

  14. P_Dawg Says:

    If the Vikings don’t win 2 of their next 3 games, expect dissension in the locker room, more tension between Chilly and Favre and calls from the fans for T-Jack to start!


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