Packer fever at as well…


Check this out. 7 of the 9 experts picked the Packers to be in the Super Bowl, and 3 of those 7 picked the Pack to win it. Perhaps just as interesting, 8 of the 9 experts picked Aaron Rodgers as the likely MVP winner.

Noticed that a number of experts have come around to my way of thinking on the Vikings now. (Read here for more info on why I think the Vikes may have been better off without Favre this year.) I know a fair number of them read Packergeeks with their morning coffee. Just kidding. But there has definitely been quite a shift of opinion re the Vikes I think mostly because folks are concerned re Favre’s ankle and also about the absence of Sidney Rice. Both will be factors, but neither will compare to the psychological element that will bring Favre/ the Vikes down (again, read previous post for more).

I do also have to say that I agree with those experts who think Baltimore will be good this year, likely Super Bowl good. I think adding TJ Housh could make them scary good. Housh is kind of an idiot, he’s lost speed and was not that good for Seattle. But when he’s added into a mix that includes Anquan Boldin, Derrick Mason, a healthy Todd Heap and Ray Rice, Flacco is going to have plenty of targets – and they already have a very good running game. This will be a good team – and a great one once Ed Reed returns.

I also am starting to get the feeling that this year could be an odd one in the NFL – with different-than-recent teams getting to the playoffs (like Oak or the KC Chiefs, Miami, Houston, Seattle or SF).

One Response to “Packer fever at as well…”

  1. mark Says:

    easy with the super bowl talk -if the pre-season is any indication- we dont have a dominant running game nor defense (that i can tell anyway)- so just sit back and enjoy what should be a great passing attack (so long as Rogers stays upright) lets get the first couple of games out of the way before giving any credence to predictions.

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