Remember WR Mike Williams?


One very intriguing story from this preseason has been the coming-out-of-nowhereness, if you will, of WR Mike Williams – former first round pick out of USC who failed to catch on with the Lions, Titans and Raiders. He has landed in Seattle where former college coach Pete Carroll has probably given him an extra opportunity to make the team. In a recent report I read, he may not only make the team, but some say he may start opposite TJ Housh (unless Housh gets traded…there are rumors…).

Are you kidding me? That Mike Williams? Starting in the NFL? He was even out of football for a year or two I believe! Actually, the truth is, I’m not that surprised. I can’t remember watching a guy in college with better hands. Mike Williams to this day, still has one of the most impressive catches I have ever seen (can’t find the youtube video of it – but it was a one handed snag for a TD in massive traffic). The Lions were roundly criticized for taking another receiver when they picked Williams a few years ago – I was one of few who didn’t think it was that bad of a pick. The guy is immensely talented and I’m not sure why he didn’t make it before.

Perhaps it’s a mental/emotional/maturity thing, not sure. But for those of you in fantasy circles – keep an eye on him, Pete Carroll could make him good again.

One Response to “Remember WR Mike Williams?”

  1. Nick Says:

    Lots of nerves in Minneapolis as of late. Locals dont think Favre can hold up for very long. That only bodes well for the Pack.

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