Somewhat concerning Al Harris update…


Bedard is reporting that Mike McCarthy told someone at USA Today this week that Al Harris will begin the season on the PUP list (meaning he’d miss the first 5-6 regular season games). While I’m not totally surprised given the seriousness of his injury, I was holding out hope Harris might be ready by game 3-4 or so. I’m not thrilled about this because I do think Harris’ presence in the line-up provides a certain stability. But I also don’t think at this particular point, he’s likely to be much better than Tramon considering Al hasn’t played/practiced for so long. The bigger issue, as Bedard notes, is who will then start at the nickel position?

3 Responses to “Somewhat concerning Al Harris update…”

  1. Travis Says:

    I think it’s what we had to do. The concern is the depth like you said.

    And the reason I think it had to be done is because even if he’s ready for week 4 to play, he’s still rusty. I’m not sure of the rules for PUP (I don’t think he can practice) but at least when he is fully 100%, he’ll be able to just workout and get himself ready so he won’t be as rusty.

    I do say though, if this is a sign that he won’t actually be ready until at least week six, were looking at a serious issue here. Could be a long year for Harris, and our secondary. I just hope they did this to be safe with him, and allow him to return slowly.

    Another thing is the first 6 games of the schedule are on the easier side than what comes after that, so if we can get through that with very few issues, things may really work out nicely. But I really think TT needs to do something about CB now, before someone goes down, or before we all see we don’t have enough talent to stop teams from passing down our throats. It’s bad enough were not sure how the pressure will be from the OLB, if QBs have all time to throw, we don’t even have a chance to stop a pass. I think it will be unwise to sit and watch this unfold, we need some help.

  2. Joe Says:

    We have a lot of talent at WR. I think we need to swing a trade, who needs help at WR and is deep at CB? This is the question that should keep TT up at night.

  3. Nick Says:

    This is a pretty big deal, but I think as long as we can have him ready for a potential playoff run and keep some depth late into the season, unlike last year, we will be ok.

    Dont know who starts though….not many great options….

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