Packers first depth chart (thanks Travis)


Check here for the Packers first depth chart of the season. Can’t believe they’ve moved Graham Harrell up to starting QB over Rodgers! Rodgers must be having trouble with his pad level.

Not many surprises here except that Chillar is listed as the #1 OLB opposite Matthews. Not sure how much of that is a reflection of concern for Brad Jones’ injury or if this simply means that Chillar has just taken over, period. Don’t really mind this move at all – I believe he’ll succeed at OLB in the 3-4. Only other things that stood out were: that Pat Lee is considered the 2nd string CB behind Woodson (he’s had to have had a good offseason to be put in that position at this point); that Sam Shields is #4 deep for CBs and #3 deep for KR and PR (I thought they were higher on him than that); that Tim Masthay is listed as the back-up kicker – if he can kick in addition to punt, that may give him a leg up on the punting job, if you will.

8 Responses to “Packers first depth chart (thanks Travis)”

  1. Travis Says:

    Also worth noting is just how much depth at TE we have. I really don’t know what we’ll do but at least 2 won’t be there in the end. Also that 5th WR spot is interesting as Swain is coming back from injury and beyond him, it’s pretty bleak.

    I think Quinn Johnson (3rd string) will get cut. I really thought he would turn out, and maybe he will but, way too many mistakes thus far and we don’t have room to keep him. A hard blocker, but we can’t afford to wait for him to develop, if he ever does.

    Also read on JsOnline that Hawk is looking to be at his best since entering the league in physical condition. Hopefully he’s a bit faster. It still looks like he one of the starting ILB with Barnett. Bishop is the backup to both and it appears he still is in line for getting a shot, unless they do make a switch in the next few weeks. But judging from the talk of Hawk, it seems like Hawk will keep it. And that’s fine, if he’s going to be playing much better. Barnett is obviously a starter and if Hawk can improve his game, we’ll have 2 good ILB, with Bishop as a very solid backup. That I can live with, but Hawk needs to improve now or we must get Bishop in.

    I’m not sure what to think of the Chillar and Jones idea. It really seemed like the Packers were set to have Jones the starter. Instead, Jones got a mild injury (it appears, but this could be an indication of something more), putting Matthews on the other side and giving Chillar the starting spot on Matthews side. I don’t necessarily get the side switch but I think Chillar can do a good job, I just hope Matthews has no problem on the other side. Considering he is out for 2 or 3 weeks, those reps could hurt us.

    I think the CB situation is pretty much like we expected, but I agree it seemed Shields had a better shot at the team than it looks. But I have followed a bit of training camp for him and it hasn’t been outstanding.

    Lastly, the safety positions will look like that come week one. Collins and Burnett will be sitting back there, because Burnett has already impressed the coaches thus far. He continues to get more reps and continue to improve while Bigby heals. And he knows this is the perfect chance for him to grasp that starting role, and I think he’s really dedicated that he won’t let it slip out of his hands. There have already been a lot of positive things about him, and it will continue as he gets more comfortable in the system.

  2. Nick Says:

    this is all I know. I love double D and I love his passion for retiring as a Packer. I saw him when he was on the practice squad as number 12 (no kidding) during family night, and my dad and I knew he would be awesome given his speed. Many years later, he has proven to not only be a serviceable receiver, but one of the best. He will always be one of my favorites. Viva la Driver!

  3. DaveK Says:

    I went to family night and I keyed on Bulaga on offense and Hawk and Burnett of defense. They slid Burnett over to SS when Collins went out so I really focused on Hawk. I thought he looked leaner and faster. Last year to me he seemed stiff and top-heavy. Just seemed to move better last Saturday.

  4. Schaefer Says:

    I love the look of our team…Go Pack Go!

  5. Tangysizzl Says:

    Ok Travis I know Shields hasn’t played great per se but as a undrafted rookie FA who only played one season as a CB and only returned one kickoff in college he seems pretty damn good to me. Well maybe not so much as a returner yet but he will continue to work on that.

    The kid has recorded at least 3 INTS since TC started has had his hands on at least two more. The best thing about him to me is his speed but equally as important is his ability to find the ball while in coverage. I haven’t seen him play a whole lot of press man coverage yet but I will be watching for that in the preseason.

    One very cool tidbit I found out from an aticle written recently is that Morgan Burnett and Sam Shields are roomates in TC and they are always studying their playbooks together in what little off time they get. That to me shows these guys get it and both seem very dedicated.

    With such great vets around like Woodson, Harris and even Nick Collins to learn from, the sky really is the limit for these two young men.

  6. Ron LC Says:

    A look at the Depth Chart at concerns me. After the starters, every oither likely player that will make the roster is listed at two positions (Exception Breno T only). Wasn’t it MM who said he didn’t want to be switching his players around so much? I believe that the backups must be prepared to play the position they are best suited to play. The Packer Zone Blocking emphasis makes the difference between Guard, Center and Tackle more complex if the backup is required to practice more than one position.

    Focus and repition is the key to success.

  7. DaveK Says:

    Looks like Burnett is having a nice camp and getting all the reps with Bigby out. This really is the most worrisome spot on the roster for me. Bigby might end up on the PUP and miss the first 6 weeks. Maybe Martin can compete at a higher level this year if needed but I would hate to count on that. Just seems like a thin spot on the roster and having Bigby available in case Burnett has trouble would be huge.

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