Bigby toast for 2010?


Things aren’t looking good for Bigby. He now needs surgery Friday to “clean up” his ankle – the same one that has been bothering him for a while now. It’s looking more and more like Morgan Burnett will start next to Nick Collins this year and frankly, from what I’ve heard so far about Burnett, that’s fine with me. I still don’t think Bigby is a bad player by any means but for some reason I just don’t think there will be much of a drop-off (if any) with Burnett in there vs Bigby. Only real issue now may be depth at safety, I’m not too pumped about our other choices there. (Though I have to say, I hold out some hope that Derrick Martin can grow comfortable enough with the defense that he could some day wreak the havoc on defense that he does on special teams.)

5 Responses to “Bigby toast for 2010?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    It’s definitely a spot on the roster that the Packers need improved play if they want to make a deep playoff run. Without a 2nd safety that can cover it will just be difficult to do better against good QB’s and balanced offenses like AZ and MN last year. Let’s hope Burnett can be that guy as a rookie but that is a tall order. Bigby would be more then adequate depth if Burnett can play like a starter. More then likely though we’re going to need Bigby this year as a starter. Let’s hope this scope really only keeps him out two weeks.

  2. Travis Says:

    Well I think were going to see a lot of great things out of Burnett. He seems like he is a playmaker. The only thing is because he is a rookie and is still learning, we will see mistakes and he will probably give up a few big plays over the year. I just hope he learns quick and we don’t see him getting burned too often, because I do think he’ll add to our turnover ratio.

    I’m curious if this guy can hit too. Would love if he was as physical as Bigby is, without the health concerns.

  3. Ron LC Says:

    He conned the Packers out of a years’ salary. Why weren’t the Packers doing their due dilegence after the season?

  4. Rich Beckman Says:


    That was my first thought. Maybe the Pack should have made him pass a physical after he held out like that.

    But if he failed it, what then? I believe there is a minimum they can pay him (which is what they are paying). So I think the choice would be pay him that or release him.

    Were we ready to release him?

  5. Nick Says:

    Anyone see this?

    Chillar to move to outside LB. That should clear some playing time for Bishop, and give us some depth outside. Not a bad move from my perspective.

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