Favre retiring again?


Well, that’s the word from Minnesota today. Apparently the ankle is not healing like they had hoped and he’s apparently told teammates and coaches that he’s done. Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, all the talk people are talking about it and interviewing Vikings reporters and sports talk radio people. Just listened to a bunch of radio coverage and most people who have commented doubt Favre will truly retire. I myself am going to hold out for a few weeks before believing it myself.

What do you think? Will he really retire this time or will he come back? Let us know.

12 Responses to “Favre retiring again?”

  1. Ron LC Says:

    Press Conf. with Chilly at 11:30. Star Trib and AP reporting retirement. I’m going to sit back have a Spotted Cow and a Cigar and enjoy the show.

  2. sotexpackerfan Says:

    I will not believe he is retired until he goes a full season without playing. At this point, I wouldn’t put it past him to un-retire midseason. He would save having to go to camp, but also the first weeks of the regular season.

  3. PackerBelle Says:

    When week one rolls around and he is not in uniform on the sidelines then I’ll believe it. Until then not so much. If he doesn’t it kind of seems like karmic justice for the Vikes in my mind.

  4. RayMidge Says:

    Along with all of the usual caveats stated above and everywhere else about whther this is actually true . . .

    I must say that if Favre’s legacy with the Vikes turns out to be a last second INT that ends their season followed by leaving a Super Bowl caliber team high-and-dry in training camp, well, this entire saga might actually have been worth it.

    I for one freely admit that I never got over Favre and the way he left and went to the Vikes. Higher minded people than me can save their scolding and lectures- I freely admit to being small and vindictive about this. Can’t help it. As much as I love Rodgers and love the postion the Pack has put itself in for the next 5-10 years, it would have been a disaster if Favre was able to lead Minn. to a Super Bowl.

    I hope he has indeed retired so we can begin the long process of forgetting the last few years and I look forward to that time in the future when #4 will again only mean 15 years of great play for GB to me. In the meantime we can get back to simply rooting for #12 and against the rest of the division without all of the sideshows.

    • PackerBelle Says:

      Speaking for myself I don’t know if I can forget the last few years if only because they showed a side of Favre that I do not like. That said, I will always be grateful for the many good memories I have of Favre as a Packer.

      But I’m still not convinced this is real. It seems too much like what happened last year where he was going to stay retired in late July and was in camp in mid-August. But if he’s trying to fool people again, I think it just makes him look even more like an idiot.

  5. Eddie Lee Says:

    If he doesn’t have a green and gold jersey on, I don’t really care what he does.

  6. awhayes Says:

    Ron – of interest, I visited the New Glarus brewing company this past weekend in New Glarus, WI. Nice little town, nice scenery, nice beer.

  7. Trav Says:

    I won’t believe he is retired until the first snap of the opening game when the consecutive game streak could come to an end.

    • Nick Says:

      That wouldnt end his streak. I believe the streak is counted as games where is on the active roster and starts. If he isnt on the active roster, the streak does not end. So, if her were to come back in week 6 or whatever, the streak would continue.

  8. CindyV Says:

    I think Favre is holding out for Sam Bradford money and some flexibility with joining the team. Some might think he already had flexibility with joining the team. I’m thinking he doesn’t want to come to Minnesota until just before the first game of the season–no training camp and no pre-season. He’s Brett Favre, he doesn’t need camp. As for the $$$ the Vikings are already tossing him $20 million. He has $13 million for this year based on his contract. They need him and he’s going to jack them around to get what he wants. That’s Brett’s legacy.

  9. Trav Says:

    Nick – Understood the point. There has been a lot of debate around if the streak would end and the “rules” around it. Just another layer to the Viking mess. Love to see it!

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