Packers should trade for Marshawn Lynch


Marshawn Lynch is a bit of a tool. He ran someone over with his SUV and then offered a pathetic denial (though the pedestrian he hit was apparently enormously drunk at the time). He’s also had several other foolish run-ins with the law in his short career. Concerning yes. Would he be a gamble? Yes. But many times, when a guy gets into trouble early in his career he eventually figures out what he’s throwing away – and this can lead to a pretty nice career. Marshawn Lynch was a strong Heisman candidate in college and a pretty good RB on a very crappy team for two years in Buffalo before his stupid off-the-field issues got him suspended for the beginning of 2009, opening the door for RB Fred Jackson. Jackson is now the man there mostly because he’s really good and because he has performed really well – not necessarily because Lynch totally sucks now. And, in the 2010 draft, Buffalo picked up RB CJ Spiller – a guy many figure will see the field plenty this year because he also has freakish skills (4.37 40 etc). Lynch is considered by many to be the #3 back in Buffalo at the moment.

Outside of depth at RB, Buffalo is a very bad team. Very bad. They have holes…everywhere. Given their desperation for…anyone, I think we could offer up a package for Lynch and they would jump at the chance to get rid of him. Give up Brandon Jackson plus a veteran or two like Donald Lee or AJ Hawk – or even swap dreads for dreads with Bigby. Or, the best option may be to give up a draft pick or something – maybe a 4th rounder. (I should add that whatever we do, we should also try to throw in Poppinga so I don’t feel compelled to write disparagingly about the guy anymore.)

Once in the fold in GB, I think Lynch would shape up attitude-wise because I think Rodgers already commands that kind of respect from the players around him. And, if I’m not mistaken, Rodgers and Lynch played together for 1 year at Cal – so there would be some familiarity already. Lynch could provide a nice style contrast from Grant. Lynch runs with some speed, he’s got some shake to him, he’s very powerful and he has decent hands for screens. My guess is that if something like this actually came about, Lynch would see this change as a fresh start and he’d help the Pack have a very effective 1-2 punch (maybe even a 1-2-3 punch considering the positive reviews so far for RB James Starks). He badly wants out of Buffalo and Buffalo badly wants to get at least something in return for the guy. I say let’s look into it.

I know these are highlights from 2008, but still, gives you a good sense for his ability.

12 Responses to “Packers should trade for Marshawn Lynch”

  1. Ron LC Says:

    Bigby is damaged goods. Buffalo would want a high draft pick and is he worth it? Jackson plus an average to below aveerage player won’t make it happen.

    Don’t see it happening. TT hates giving up on his draft picks, AJ.

  2. Travis Says:

    If it required a high draft pick, there is no way I’d trade for him. But I agree with Andy, Buffalo can afford to dish him out. And I think they’re ready to just do that and be over with him.

    His future isn’t known and they would rather get something now before it’s too late, then to wait and find out what the future is. Because I’ll tell you one thing, even if we got him, there is no guarantee he’ll do anything for our team.

    He had a great rookie campaign. But does he want to put in all the hours to continually improve? We don’t know if he can ever match his rookie campaign, never mind continue to succeed and do better.

    And the other big thing is has he learned anything? Being in trouble, getting suspended, isn’t always enough to keep them from getting in trouble again. Should he get in trouble again (another question the Bills don’t want to wait to see) Lynch would be looking at a much stiffer penalty and pretty much lose any value he had.

    Bottom line, I think the Bills are really interested in moving him. They can still get something now, meanwhile they may not be able to get anything for him in just a season from now. And not only the fact they can get something from him, the fact that they can afford to move him. Andy is spot on with this entire article, Fred Jackson did a marvelous job last year, and looks to have a better head on his shoulder. And bringing in a guy like C.J spiller spells the want to move on from Lynch.

    And another good point that Andy brings up is the fact coming to Green Bay, he will be surrounded by great players, and great people. Players like Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Charles Woodson, Nick Barnett, Ryan Pickett, Al Harris etc. Players who are respected amongst the league, and are great people as well. They aren’t going to take any of Lynch’s crap, and that can be the breaking point in keeping Lynch in control.

    All in all, if we can get him at an affordable price, it’s worth a consideration. Coming here is a much better place, and hopefully makes him work hard and stay out of trouble. We know the guy has talent – but even the most talented people need to put in the work day in, and day out. And that is why he’s worth a look. He’s a talented guy who CAN make it in this league as a great player. That’s why, if the price is right, this could be a steal, and if it don’t work, we didn’t risk much.

    And I dunno, just pairing him up with Grant seems deadly if Lynch is playing to his full potential.

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  4. RayMidge Says:

    Buffalo certainly owes us one after Kenneth Davis . . .

  5. Trav Says:

    Here’s some Desmond Bishop news for Andy…

  6. DaveK Says:

    Read the “Legals Issues” section on his Wiki page:

    There is a chance that Lynch”shapes up” but more then likely at some point in the next few years he screws up again and lands himself a season long suspension and/or jail time. Not giving up anything for that kind of risk.

    Maybe sign him once he is released to give him a test run…

  7. CindyV Says:

    Interesting opinion there Hayes. If I remember my draft parties correctly, the Packers were interested in drafting Lynch but would have to wait until their turn at 16. The Bills with the number 14 pick took Lynch leaving the Packers to pick Justin Harrell. Now there’s a trade I’d like to see—Harrell for Lynch!

  8. Nick Says:

    If I remember correctly, Buffalo is very short on offense outside the run. I would be fine with the Pack sending Donald Lee, or a thrid or fourth WR to Buffalo for Lynch. I wouldn’t go higher than that for a guy would be a backup to Grant.

    That being said, I’d rather see a pass rush being added in GB than another RB.

  9. Nick Says:

    Also – did anyone mention Bulaga is now signed? That’s a great start to (hopefully) a key part of our line for years to come.

  10. awhayes Says:

    Yes Nick – Bulaga signing big. Excited about him as Clifton may literally be on his last legs.

    Cindy – great thought re Lynch for Harrell. Funny.

    Trav – finally read that Wilde piece. Interesting – though it seems like a carbon copy of articles written in each of the last 3 years by various Packer writers. How a guy can maintain a positive attitude dealing with this I don’t know, but I definitely commend him for it. I guess I do tend to agree with TT – at some point, and man I hope it’s here, Bishop will get his chance and lots of people will wonder why he hasn’t been starting all along like his cohorts Willis/Beason etc.

  11. Trav Says:

    Andy – there with you on the carbon copy. Wilde reported today that Bishop and Barnett were playing inside and they had Chillar on the right outside for pash rushing. Wonder if this is a new look? Wilde and Homer talked about Hawk’s contract situation this coming March and said this could be them working Bishop in as his replacement in preparation of a deal not be worked out for next year. Hard to say after 3 practices though. Time will tell when we hit Week 1, 2, etc. and the Hawk/contract thing is speculation at best.

    Also, they talked about Crosby and not bringing in any competition. I do not like that as I think the competition is of the upmost importance for him, given his issues with accuracy. You have to at least push him more than he might be pushing himself (which hopefully is pretty hard).

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