Nice Rodgers article (thanks for pointing it out Travis)


Read here, from ESPN magazine. Rodgers is a stud – and for those in fantasy football, don’t hesitate to make him your #1 QB this year because nobody will be better.

31 Responses to “Nice Rodgers article (thanks for pointing it out Travis)”

  1. Billl Says:

    When all is said and done, the State of Wisconsin Bureau of Prisons should be able to field a competitive NFL team. Ted Thompson has a great eye for picking out the biggest punks in the draft.

  2. Campbell Says:

    Strange that are so elated about Rodgers being a Fantasy QB.

    I hope his other world stats translate into wins. Or don’t you guys care as long as he’s being courted and hyped by the National media.

  3. Travis Says:

    Campbell.. comeon. It’s obvious from a fantasy standpoint Rodgers is at the top for QBs. A few others are up there, and who knows, maybe better, but no way can you knock that Rodgers is not at the top.

    Now your saying we don’t care as long as the world talks highly of Rodgers? Man he’s played 2 seasons as a starter and has accomplished this. Did you expect a player after 2 seasons to win the superbowl. He’s made it to the playoffs – and nearly won that game. Had it started a bit more smoothly (Drops turning into INTs, and refs sucking) it would of been a different story. Instead, Rodgers rallied the team back in the game and gave us a shot to win. The defense couldn’t stop the cards and when it came to OT he just missed. So what, we just say he can’t win?

    It’s his dam 2nd year as a starter. Only qb EVER to throw for 4000 yards in his first 2 seasons as a starter. And he’s getting better. He is a winner and the work he puts in will pay off. You are so naive to think that it’s gotta be now or never. He’s got a long career in him, just give it time.

    • Campbell Says:

      Travis…Bravo to your stout, passionate defense of Rodgers.

      I don’t question his talent and hopefully long, successful and brilliant career, just wary of planting the “Best” imprimatur on his uniform at this juncture.


      • Nick Says:

        No one said he was the best. You said that.

        There is something wrong with being happy that our star player behaves himself and is being recognized for doing so? I’d rather read articles about that than some old man throwing footballs to high schoolers.

      • Campbell Says:

        Nick..I’m not a Viking fan. If I were I would avoid this forum like the plague. I wrote I did not doubt AR’s talent. I simply voiced an opinion that I’m not ready to call him “great” I hope that is permitted.’s amusing that you and others defend AR ala Favre fans defending their hero.

      • Nick Says:

        Well then I apologize – there is no fate worse than being a Vikings fan.

        The point of my post was to point out that Travis had not called him the “best”, rather, that he was celebrating his first two years as a starter and the article which painted him in a great light on and off the field.

        Agree to disagree. When in Rome.

  4. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    when he’s long past his prime, in like 15 years, and the pack have won a few superbowls with rodgers at the helm, maybe he’ll think about joining your club, and you can get excited about almost accomplishing something again.

    somehow i doubt this one would ever pull that shit. but i’ve been wrong before.

  5. TheChoj Says:

    just wanted to point out that training camp starts one week from today…I can almost taste it!

  6. laird clazerbak Says:

    hey nick…no one is telling you to read articles about the “old man throwing passes to high schoolers”. why even make a reference to Favre? you and people like you are just as bad as the media. you bitter, hypocritical Packer fans bitch about Favre, yet he’s no longer your quarterback and you talk about him all the time. Favre isn’t the problem – it’s the media and people like you that contribute to the hype and over saturation of Favre. you’ve got a good QB in AR. why can’t you be satisfied with that and just leave Favre out of it? he isn’t your QB anymore.


    • Nick Says:

      Sorry Laird,

      I dont read those articles – but there are plenty of links and headline stories on and other sporting websites I frequent to know what’s going on.

      As for me “bitching” about Favre, as you so eloquently put it; I was not. I know from reading these forums that Campbell is a Vikings fan, and hence the barb towards Favre was directed at his team of choice.

      Also, if you had read the substance of my post, rather than hyperventilate at the moment you thought I was “bitching” (just such a sophisticated word choice of yours I had to use it twice) about Favre, you would have noticed that I was correcting Campbell on his failure to do just what you suggest – appreciate the great QB we have now for his behavior, both on and off the field.

      Now, before you post another rambling, nearly incoherent post, please absorb fully what I have said; and more importantly, refer to a second grade grammar book.

      All the best,


  7. laird clazerbak Says:

    i stand by my comment, nick. you referred to Favre as some “old man throwing a football to high schoolers”. don’t read those articles then.

    i’m beyond a second grade grammar book. i’m a published playwright, smartass. the ESPN article had nothing to do with Favre and YOU brought him up in your comment. it was unwarranted. you, like the media, are a blight. it’s comments like your’s that have contributed to the oversaturation of Favre – not Favre.

    i stand by my comment.

    • Nick Says:

      Good lord – get this man a paper bag!

      Let’s take this slow and steady. I asked you to fully absorb my comment before hyperventilating/posting. You obviously did not. I told you – I don’t read the Favre articles; there are more than enough around on tv and headlines for me to understand what he is doing without reading them.

      Apparently I was mistaken on Campbell being a Viking fan – my bad. But – given that assumption, my comment on Favre was not unwarranted, it was, in fact, warranted – as most Vikings fans will disparage our QB in favor of our former QB. I was merely acting congruently.

      As for you being a playwright – well…I’m at a loss. Apparently all it takes these days is a vacuous vocabulary and a lack of capital letters.

      Best of luck,


  8. Nick Says:

    And after all that:

    Don Banks puts GBP 5th in his initial power rankings this year. Makes me a little nervous all the good pub the Pack are getting…

    • Campbell Says:

      And more after all that..

      “the old man throwing to high schoolers” might play until he’s 50.


  9. laird clazerbak Says:

    “congruently” or not, nick, i think you’re the one missing my point. it’s really not about whether one reads or doesn’t read favre articles. fine – maybe i missed YOUR POINT. MY POINT is why bring up Favre at all in your commentary? the ESPN article was about Rodgers. Favre’s gone. your original comment to Campbell was obviously a dig on Favre – “old man throwing passes…”. was it not?

    i understand your “loss” (at me being a playwright). your creativity is obviously limited to website commentary. and take your paper bag and shove it.

    • Campbell Says:

      Packerfans like Nick and Travis diminish Favre at every opportunity..the “old man” reference is classic. Favre was the furthest thing from my mind. They’d like to make him a non-person in the Holy Grail that is Lambeau ala the Yankees with Joe Torre.

      But Favre won’t go quietly into that good night and therin lies the rub.

      • Travis Says:

        Excuse me? Don’t you even think about including me as one of the fans who won’t shut up about Favre. I do not bash him.

        I’m not a fan how things went down. And very few are. I don’t regret moving onto Rodgers. I agree the things Favre does and says has gotten annoying and it is pretty dramatic at times where enough is enough.

        I do not bash him. Whether I agree or not about the things he does or says, it does not mean I run my mouth about him. I have my views on the things that go around. And normally I don’t read about all the articles about whats going on with him. I am aware of what’s happening, and that’s all I am interested in. I’m not someone who continues to debate and trash him every chance I get. Nick is right, it’s stupid to just continue to talk and talk and talk, and read and read and read about every little detail. We know what’s going on, we hear the big news, who cares about the rest. The past is old news.

        I respect the guy for what he’s done for Green Bay in the past. But I don’t agree that the things he’s said or done have been the best. Who gives a dam? I sure as hell don’t. Just let it be.

        So please tell me how your including me as one of those fans who take a crack at Favre at every opportunity. If your going to bring an argument to the table, maybe you should first read, and then think about what the hell your going to say.

  10. laird clazerbak Says:

    well said Campbell.

    it’s like my beef with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. at least once a week (more often, more often) in its UP/DOWN section, there’s some juvenile rip on Favre. and i’m like, ‘MJS…he’s not your QB anymore. he’s gone.’ and yet they give him more ink than AR (in the UP/DOWN section). there are those that smirk at my admiration for #4 (mostly hypocritical, bitter Packer fans). so what would you call the MJS’s obsession with constanting bantering about Favre?

    and it’s ok to not like Favre. i’m fine with that. he’s the enemy now. i get all that. i hate TT and the other 2 monkey’s in Packer management. whatever. but why bitch about Favre being egotistical, a diva, a whiner, a baby, a drama queen…then turn around and constantly talk about him. i mean, how hypocritical is that?

    • PackerBelle Says:

      Because he’s a Viking and making fun of Viking fans is part of the fun of being a Packer fan.

      And trust me, the things Viking fans say about our players is nothing to compared to the Favre cracks.

  11. laird clazerbak Says:

    another example. favre, in an interview with USA Today, laughingly says he may play in the NFL until he’s 50. now every media outlet and douche bag is writing about. like Favre will really play until he’s 50. lemmings – they’re all lemmings. and the media sucks.

  12. awhayes Says:

    Brett Favre plays a significant role in the over-saturation of Brett Favre in the media. The guy invites media attention.

  13. laird clazerbak Says:

    i beg to differ, awhayes. we all like attention. we all have egos. but the media bends over and wipes Brett’s arse when they catch wind that he’s talking a dump. like i said in my comment about the USA Today article, the media will take any tidbit of a story and blow it up a hundred-fold.

    i’m quite sure Favre would survive without the media attention. he’ll have to one day. however, i think the media needs Favre more than Favre needs the media.

  14. awhayes Says:

    Laird – there is no mistaking the media’s role in the Favre saturation, but you make it sound like Favre is this totally innocent guy who has no role in it. When Favre makes comments like wanting to play until he’s 50, he knows darn well that the media is going to go nuts over it. The relationship between Favre and the media is mutual – they’re both having needs met somehow.

    Also, not sure why it’s problematic for a Packer fan on a Packer website to take a crack at Favre. Nick was responding to Campbell’s initial comment – which is what started this series of comments. (And Campbell herself is no stranger to trading barbs with the anti-Favre and/or pro-Rodgers group – she does this often…which she knows is welcome here.) Seems to me that the QB for our most hated rival is both a fair and logical target for barbs.

    • Campbell Says:

      Hey awhayes…truth be told, you are the culprit in this contretemps. You breathlessly report all of Brett’s borborigmi or have you forgotten your embarassing “Favre disses the Packers” closely followed by “Favre doesn’t diss the Packers” of weeks ago?

      But we are discussing the present. Re-read your initial entry. There are no better QB’s than Rodgers? Did Manning the Elder and Tom Brady retire? Believe me, Favre was not on my radar. He is the NFL’s QB emeritus.

      I made a short comment and was immediately pounced on by Nick and Travis, with all the requisite sophomoric huffing and puffing.

      As one of my Parochial school teachers was wont to proclaim. Non importa. And besides, the Met Opera just sent me a $100 gift card, so who in Hades cares about Rodgers, Packers or even Favre?

      Peace and love to all.

      Causa Finita…long grateful sigh that the ordeal is finally over.

      • Travis Says:

        Clearly you need to do the “re-reading” Cambell. His post was a fantasy football post.

        “and for those in fantasy football, don’t hesitate to make him your #1 QB this year because nobody will be better.”

        Rodgers I think ended up being the best last year for QBs. I mean, there is fair reason to think Rodgers is going off the draft boards (in fantasy football in case you didn’t see that) very very early.

        The article points out a few things. The type of person Rodgers is, and what he does. How much work he puts into everything he does, and the way handles everything in life, past or present. It also points out what he’s accomplished, and how good he’s getting.

        I think everyone here understands and doesn’t expect Rodgers to be the best QB playing or to ever play in the NFL right now. He has a long way to go, but he’s well on track to getting to that point. It’s unlikely he will make it above all the other names out there, but time will tell. We just know he’s been very impressive and it looks like he will have an outstanding career for people to remember.

        Hopefully we can just end this argument and realize what everyone is saying. You have mistaken us. We may of mistaken you.

        My first initial response to you was regarding the fact I thought you were some flame boy packer fan hater on the viking band wagon. Saying Rodgers is no good, can’t win games bla bla bla. All I tried to do was to prove to you, the situation could not be better with where Rodgers is after his first 2 seasons as a starter. I am a die hard fan, and I will stay true to this team and defend them all my life. So when I know someone is saying something that is totally not warranted, I will back it up. Sorry if it sounds like I pounced on you with a bunch of huffing and puffing.

        And to defend Nick in this whole thing. All he did was repeat the fact that nobody was talking about him being the best. And that you had mistaken this whole thing. The article was solely focused on how Rodgers conducts himself, and how valuable he is in fantasy football. Most of us believe he will be at the top at some point in his career in terms of real football, the difference is, we understand and don’t expect him to be there yet. So were not saying it. Yet.

        Anyways – it’s sure been one hell of an exchange in football talk! Now just a couple days till camp opens!

  15. awhayes Says:

    Campbell – I don’t “breathlessly report all” of Favre’s antics. I don’t. I report about a variety of other NFL, Packer and life issues. Just not true. I do mention him from time to time because whether people like it or not, he is still very much a relevant figure in today’s NFL. But I don’t “breathlessly report” on Favre. (And for what it’s worth, my comments re him aren’t always negative as you imply – recall last year when I predicted he’d make the Vikes scary good and lead them into the playoffs. That wasn’t a popular post/opinion in Packerland (or even on this website), but I wrote it anyway. I was also quick to admit he played great against the Pack last year.)

    And I never said there are “no better QBs than Rodgers”. You need to re-read my initial entry. I said that he would be the best QB from a fantasy football perspective. Even though it’s well within the realm of possibility that he will also be the best overall QB this year, I didn’t say that. And importantly, the opinion that Rodgers will be the best FF QB this year isn’t just some crazy homer opinion – it’s one shared by many FF draft experts and it’s also backed by Rodgers’ stats from 2009.

    Lastly, I realize things get contentious from time to time on this website, but I can’t say it enough that your comments, as well as the comments of everyone, are always welcome here.

    • Campbell Says:

      I’m weary of the entire episode. My original intent was to hope Rodgers was just as stat successful during the season as in Fantasy. Some people interpreted that as a knock on the QB.

      Here’s my final word on the subject. I wish the Packers, Rodgers and most of all Packer fans a wonderfully successful season, with a coda in Dallas.


  16. laird clazerbak Says:

    for the record, i don’t think Favre is completely innocent in seeking media attention. i seek media attention for my acting and plays – so what. Favre gets an inordinate amount of blame though when, in fact, if the media wouldn’t hunker down on every move Favre moves, there wouldn’t be that much news to report.

  17. Nick Says:

    Whoa – Leave for a day and look what happens.

    I may leave those types of comments until I’m fifty…..

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