Jolly suspended for year – beyond?


This from Dan O’Donnell’s blog at 620: WTMJ

Read it and weep, Packers fans–this just came down from the NFL:

The Packers just released this statement:

The Packers have been informed by the National Football League about the suspension of DE Johnny Jolly. Executive Vice President, General Manager and Director of Football Operations Ted Thompson issued the following statement:

“Johnny is a good player that loves everything about the game of football. We appreciate the contributions he has made to the Packers the past four seasons. His focus and priorities now lie elsewhere – our thoughts are with him during this difficult personal time.”

As this is a league matter, the team will have no further comment.

Interesting punishment. He did some bad stuff it appears (though most of us don’t know the extent of it) – but this is a big-time punishment. TT/MM clearly had a sense for this when shifting Pickett to DE and naming Raji the starting NT. And, in the draft, we added depth to the line at least. I wonder if this will get Mike Neal on the field sooner – which may not be a bad thing.

One thing I will miss about Jolly is his Paul Pressey-like arms. He batted down a ton of balls. From a mental/frustration standpoint for a QB, I think having a ball batted down can really take its toll. Jolly was seriously good at doing this. But overall, I don’t think he can’t be replaced. It may in fact be a quality opportunity for a young guy to step up.

5 Responses to “Jolly suspended for year – beyond?”

  1. DaveK Says:

    The league knows something more then we do at this point. Don’t be surprised if we get the real story shortly. I’m guessing he failed a drug test or something and the NFL is not at liberty to disclose exactly what happened.

  2. Ron LC Says:

    The only thing that kept this going as long as it did was his lawyer. It looks like his world is more related to “crack” than SMACK. Too bad, but that seems to be a large persent of Pro athletics today. Too much money with too weak a mind.

  3. Travis Says:

    I agree Davek. I just read this like ten minutes ago and was pretty shocked. This happens before things get settled in court on the 31st or whenever.

    It just seems weird that while he hasn’t been proven guilty of doing those things, the league must really know something or feel pretty sure to give him a year long suspension. I can’t recall any off the field issues he’s had prior to this.

    I do understand that it didn’t seem like Jolly was taking this whole thing seriously. Showing up to his hearings like a guy off the street, and treating his restrictions from court like it doesn’t matter.

    So even with that, a 16 game suspension – plus possibly more makes me think only one thing. Just like you said Davek, we will probably learn a lot of information shortly about what really happened, and I think were going to see that Jolly really really screwed up big time.

    It leaves me pretty worried, when a guy gets in this amount of trouble, you don’t know if he’s going to change. They always say, I’ve learned and taken time to change my actions but you never know if they do. Look at Big Ben, I’m not convinced he’s learned from his actions. It’s taken him like three times already, and we don’t even know if he’s changed yet.

    From a team standpoint.. I think were still in pretty good shape. A couple injuries will surely hurt, but typically thats the case for any position.

    I think the Packers came into this prepared and it should pay off. I’m curious about Jolly’s future. I don’t have a good feeling about him after learning this (and feeling that there will be some shocking news revealed about his case soon) and I just feel that he’ll be one of those who just don’t keep themselves out of trouble. His attitude during this whole court process has basically left me to feel that he’ll never change. And that is probably going to be the reason we’ve seen our last snaps from Jolly in Green Bay last season.

    I loved watching him play, but he’s taking himself off our team by what he’s done, and how he’s handled the situation after. It’s unfortunate. I hope he can turn himself around for his own sake, because I don’t like to see people who have so much potential, take the fall.

    But time will tell how it all plays out. It is still possible that Jolly is innocent, and that there are no more new information about the case that makes it worse. I’d hate to see his tenure end in Green Bay, but at the same time, I don’t want a guy with the character and attitude he has displayed. Hopefully it was all just a good ol hiccup.

  4. DaveK Says:

    1 part codeine
    5 parts grape soda
    1 Part tender offer worth $2.5 million
    = a not so Jolly cocktail

    Next time drink a ice cold Blatz at home you dumb-ass.

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    just posted this comment over at chtv:

    “i understand the ‘there’s more they’re not telling us’ stuff – there has to be. but as a friend of mine pointed out recently, the indefinite suspension means good ol’ rog is essentially equating whatever that mystery issue is to donte stallworth drunk driving and killing a man, and vick’s lovely situation — could end up being less, but the ‘at least a year’ suspension seems absolutely overkill for a guy who has never been suspended.

    unless the nfl has evidence that jolly is tied to some sort of death, i don’t get it. i know the league tried with the williams’ sisters, but reality = players using substances to cover up steroid use (direct effect on game), no suspension. so far as we know, player chugging some cough syrup with a few hoods = indefinite suspension.

    crap. crap until we hear otherwise.”

    yes, the guy is obviously an idiot. but substance abuse being equated to dui manslaughter? that’s idiotic.

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