Detroit’s 2 TE sets could be quality


This may be a minor thing but it’s something that could end up being a small factor in a few Detroit Lions games this year: Detroit could have a fairly mean 2 TE set with Brandon Pettigrew (almost recovered from injury) and offseason acquisition TE Tony Scheffler. Scheffler is a good player. A few years ago, he was a great option for Jay Cutler in Denver when Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal were covered. Similarly in Detroit, Scheffler may find some good space to get open in the middle and sit in zones especially, using his size to block out some space. Calvin Johnson will be the primary focus of most pass defenses and that automatically opens up at least a bit of space for Scheffler/Pettigrew. Also, Pettigrew himself was starting to look pretty good last year before his injury.

Now, I still think the Detroit D will struggle. Vanden Bosch, Corey Williams and Suh may all add some teeth to the D-Line, and Louis Delmas is a very good safety, but it won’t be enough and the D will likely continue to struggle.

One Response to “Detroit’s 2 TE sets could be quality”

  1. Travis Says:

    The way I feel, Detroit may look much better than Chicago this year. I think Minnesota will be decent as well, but I think it’s time people lower their expectations from them this year. But we’ll see what happens lol.

    I think Detroit is finally heading in the right direction. I think in the past they were just spinning circles and kind of had blind folds on. At least now they see where they need to go, and well are moving down that way. I don’t think they’ll be very good immediately, but if they can continue to put the pieces together, they may finally overcome some pretty terrible years in the past.

    As for Chicago. It’s tough to say. It all depends on Cutler. Is he actually a good QB or not. He’s already limited with the WRs he has, and depending how his mental skills are with reading defenses and stuff, he may have very little success. But I think with Martz, he may be able to get the success he wants out of Cutler. Chicago may not be too bad, but there is a lot of questions, where as I feel Detroit is moving along fairly well.

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