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First of all – please read the comment by AZ Warrior made on 6/23 responding to the 6/22 Desmond Bishop post at Packergeeks. Interesting and nicely questioned AZ Warrior.

In Bedard’s response to AZ Warrior, it is at least implied that perhaps Winston Moss may be on OUR side here. Seems strange considering what he said but let’s flush this out. Bedard’s response to AZ Warrior begs the question: what about the possibility that Moss is actually a huge supporter of Bishop’s but that due to his frustration with Bishop not getting a chance – he put himself out there a bit by publicly encouraging Bishop to get out of Green Bay asap so he can get the playing time he deserves? This theory may seem improbable as it would be a risky thing  for Moss to do – publicly undermine whoever it is who is deciding to keep Bishop down. But in re-reading the comments, it is possible Moss is simply frustrated that Bishop isn’t playing.

Further, and in the interest of partial disclosure, in the last couple days I have learned on good authority (shall remain anonymous) that this theory is likely true. So, this isn’t one of my “let’s start a rumor” posts – it’s more of a “let’s spread an existing rumor” post.

So, if I can’t blame Winston Moss for Bishop’s lack of playing time, who is left? Could it be that both Capers and Sanders just didn’t like Bishop despite the LBs coach apparently advocating for him? Not likely. That leaves one of two people who have been in GB Bishop’s whole career – Mike McCarthy or Ted Thompson. My guess is it’s McCarthy. As someone who prides himself on having an aggressive offensive mindset, I’d think McCarthy would want an aggressive player like Bishop on the field. Tough to figure…

Your thoughts?

9 Responses to “Bishop article update”

  1. Travis Says:

    Now that is certainly intriguing. I can only imagine something soon is bound to happen.. either it’s with Green Bay or without.

    All the talk last year, after his pre season outing, and if he performs well again, they will have to do something. If it’s true, that someone who makes the big decisions (MM, TT) is preventing Bishop from getting a chance, could end up seeing him being traded. Or release him, whatever it might be.

    But here’s a thought. With all the talk, may actually persuade, per say, MM or TT to give Bishop a chance. If people continue to bash Hawk (somewhat) and Brady Poppinga, MM or TT may give in. They couldn’t really ask for a better time or reason if, for a second straight year, Bishop has a great pre season, and we continue to see some poor play from the other starters.

    You just have to figure something eventually will happen soon.. I hope he performs very well again in exhibition. I want this kid to have a chance, and see if he can do it. I think he deserves a chance, and deserves a chance to prove what he can do.

    And from now on I’m campaigning the idea of this could be a great way of altering Hawks salary. I don’t think he’s performed up to his salary. He has been consistent, and I think he is a good player, but he still is lacking, meanwhile, his contract is not.

    Throwing Bishop in over Hawk gives the Packers leverage in Hawks contract. Not sure when his is up, but whether were talking about restructuring it, or signing a new deal, it would be nice for him to get a paycut (and a paycut may actually make Hawk play much better, because he’ll have to earn a better check).

    Bottom line, it should be a very interesting year at LB. Many questions and hopefully a lot of great things come out if all.

    Is Jones going to be able to hold his own, and be enough of a complement to Matthews?

    Is Matthews going to continue to dominate and be a huge impact player for this defense?

    2 years after his acl (I think?) tear, is Barnett going to be another key player to our core, with a year in the system and body feeling much healthier? Also getting his knees “cleaned up” in the off season may allow him to be much more athletic.

    What about the other LBs? Hawk, Poppinga, Chillar, Bishop. UDFA? Can we put together a monster starting four linebackers? Picture this.. Matthews and Jones on the outside (w/ Jones pulling his weight), and Barnett and Bishop inside (w/ Bishop proving to be an impact player in games that count). I’d love to see that, that could actually be a monster linebacker group, WITH backups that contain Hawk, Chillar, and Poppinga (finally!). Having that go with our Dline would make this defense even more exciting this year.

    Alright, I’ll stop writing, just getting way too excited for this year. All the potential we got, hope everything goes our way!

  2. Trav Says:

    Interesting situation. You would think, if Moss is bending the ears of whomever is keeping Bishop down, at some point they would relent and play him, if anything to prove out if he can do it or not.

    Is there some other situation in addition to performance that is holding him back that we are not privy to? Is he walking around loudly bitching about not playing in the confines of the locker room, practice, etc? Or did he at some point get on someone’s “list” early on and mistakes he makes now (the blown coverage example provided in the original post) get magnified 100x because of that history? Basically, short of walking on water, he will never get out of some people’s dog house.

    Just another unanswered question.

  3. Travis Says:

    Trav. Same name, lmao.

    Anyways, Bishop doesn’t seem like the guy who would go around bitching about his situation. He actually seems like a very well conducted man, who has a lot of character and class. I think he’s just trying to work hard every day and fight for that chance. And if he gets it, I hope he never lets it go.

    It’s very possible though, because even though he may seem that way, it may not be the case. He could be a crude bitch behind the scenes, and that could be the whole thing going on here. Unlikely, but can’t rule it out haha.

    Being on the list is an actually very possible situation that may of happened, and that would not be good. Like we all say, it’s the first impression that counts, and its very tough to change a first impression. In that situation, he basically needs someone to get hurt, to play, and then prove he can play, and prove that he won’t do whatever he did that got him in this mess in the first place. All in all, not a very good situation if that is the case.

    If only we could just know the answers to so many questions..

  4. Trav Says:

    The first time you posted here, I did a double take as I didn’t remember writing on whatever topic was at that time. I think I also said that it was well thought out, so I was sure I didn’t write it… 😉

    We can set the ground rule here and agree that we will stick with these repsective names so as to not confuse AWH and SFH. (I know, an easy thing to do….much love Andy and Steve!)

  5. Joe Says:

    is this like a split personality thing?…

  6. DaveK Says:

    I don’t believe Ted Thompson has any say which players on the roster get playing time. I’m sure he adds his two cents and is in the room during discussions but at the end of the day who plays and who doesn’t is determined by the coaching staff. I am fairly sure MM has that right in his contract. I also find it hard to believe that Capers would allow MM to dictate to him who should be in the mix at starting LB’s. I’m sure they discuss it and MM has input but is Capers really going to keep a better player off the field because his head coach has an issue with him? I don’t think so and I seriously doubt either MM or Capers keep Bishop on the bench for these other issues you are all speculating about. If they thought Bishop would help them win a game more so then another guy I would bet serious money he would be playing more. The more likely explanation is that Capers and staff feel they have better options then Bishop.

    Maybe Bishop deserves some time to prove himself but if I had to make the decision who to start in week 1, I’m not sure I would be playing Bishop over Hawk either. I know in blogger world saying that Hawk is better then Bishop is the minority viewpoint but I think Hawk gets too much grief given 5th pick expectations and I think Bishop is more of a case of the grass is always greener….

  7. 56coop Says:

    I’d be happy to see them put Bishop in rotation ahead of Poppinga. Every time I see Poppinga on the field & Bishop on the sidelines I want to throw my Cheesehead at my TV. Just don’t understand all the Poppinga love.

    After watching that Pittsburg game on NFL replay yesterday I’m praying the Pack doesn’t get the injury bug again this year. Man that still hurt even knowing what the outcome was going to be.

  8. DaveK Says:

    Poppinga played exclusively at ROLB last year. Bishop seemed to get all his reps at ILB behind Hawk and Barnett. Maybe this year you give him a look at OLB but I am not sure that is a good fit. Chillar seems like a better fit at OLB then Bishop. I think his spot is inside and he has to prove to the coaches he can consistently be better then Hawk inside if he wants to see the field.

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