Rodgers’ candid interview


I had only read excerpts of the Rodgers’ interview on ESPN Milwaukee until reader Schaef sent me a link to the whole article. Interesting thoughts – can’t say he’s too far off either.

For those still not certain, let me clarify: Aaron Rodgers is definitely his own man. Sure he tried to tread lightly in the shadows of Favre initially, but this guy is his own man. We’re lucky to have him.

4 Responses to “Rodgers’ candid interview”

  1. travis Says:

    He is certainly his own man. He goes about the things he does, says, etc his own way. But he’s not an idiot at the same time thinking well I can do whatever I want. He’s mature and knows his limits. I really respect the guy in every way, for who he is, and what he does. He deserves to have amazing talent in football, while I think I read he’s also a decent golfer, and he even can hit a baseball quite well. He’s got a dream a head of him, and I hope for great things for him

  2. Campbell Says:

    “He’s his own man.” sounds mawkish and sophomoric. TT gave Rodgers the QB position and a lucrative contract after a handful of games to boot. If any Packer player should feel free and comfortable critiquing an easy target in Kornheiser, it’s Rodgers. He’s a top QB with a wonderful future not only for him but the illustrious team he plays for.

    Enough already with the hosannas. Time for that when he hoists the Lombardi trophy.

  3. CindyV Says:

    This from Pro Football Talk:

    Aaron Rodgers talks trash to teammate on Twitter
    Posted by Michael David Smith on June 11, 2010 8:02 AM ET
    Aaron Rodgers is rapidly becoming one of the most entertaining players in the NFL.

    First Rodgers ripped Tony Kornheiser, and then he went on Twitter to call out a Green Bay Packers teammate over the news that the USC will have to vacate all its wins from the 2004 college football season.

    “Looking forward to getting my PAC-10 championship ring from the ’04 season. Thanks @claymatthews52,” Rodgers tweeted, per the Post Crescent.

    Packers linebacker Clay Matthews redshirted the 2004 season at USC, when Rodgers was in his final season at Cal. USC won the Pac-10 that year, while Cal came in second.

  4. Ron LC Says:

    Anyone who isn’t afraid to slam that Ass Kornholer, is my hero. The guy’s a pencil necked, loud-mouthed, know nothing. And who gives a crap if he didn’t pay homage to FahVray?

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