If the Vikes get Otogwe…


…the Pack could be in trouble. There are rumors that the Vikings are one of the teams pursuing Rams’ safety OJ Otogwe (who just became an unrestricted free agent). For the last few years (sort of last year excepted), I have been a big fan of Otogwe. The guy can flat out play. I wouldn’t be disappointed if the Packers pursued him here a bit, though my guess is that the salary he’ll command would cause the Pack to discontinue their pursuit quickly. But I would be somewhat concerned if the Vikings (or Bears) picked him up. The Vikes’ pass defense is mediocre with only Antoine Winfield really scaring opposing QBs. Adding a presence like Otogwe would make the Vikes D significantly better (assuming Otogwe has fully recovered from the injuries he suffered last year).

7 Responses to “If the Vikes get Otogwe…”

  1. DaveK Says:

    I agree. Otogwe on that Vikings defense would be bad news for the Packers. You figure he gets Rolle type money. That is $15 million guaranteed and a total of $35-$40 million over 4 years. It is an uncapped year. Go get him Ted. Give Collin’s a reliable partner back there and we would have a much improved pass defense.

  2. travis Says:

    Rams back as favorites for him. Cowboys and Vikings have declared they are not interested in him at all. I’m thinking it’s safe to say in a day or two he’ll be back with the Rams. He wanted to dip his toes in the water to see if it was warm or cold.. Seems like it’s still a bit chilly and it’s not time to jump on board with another team. It would be awesome to have a player like that, but I don’t feel it very necessary. Instead, if we wanted to go after a key player who will help impact our defense, Elvis Dumerville should be worth a hard look. Otherwise, Asomogah would be one hell of a move that would ease any CB concerns.

    Bottom line, it’s like buying something you totally do not need. Rather then using that money you spent on something you could actually need. Sure I’d love to have the 160GB Ipod touch (if that even exists), but am I really going to fill 160GB of memory. No, so might as well save the money.

    Also I would like to point out this Jolly thing is beginning to worry me. At first I thought this case was a total joke and it was pathetic seeing it delayed every month for the past 2 years. But there has been a lot of talk about it lately and it seems like Jolly may indeed be in for some serious trouble.

    The latest involves him being responsible for helping to sell, traffic, distribute, bla bla bla illegal narcotics like cocaine and marijauna.

    I first thought the whole thing with Jolly was not a real issue, and if he did screw up, it was his first offence and it didn’t seem to hurt anyone. And all I figured the problem was, it wasn’t his, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can’t say I’ve never been around people who have had illegal drugs on them, or doing them while I was around.

    But how I feel now is starting to change. I’m starting to think Jolly has a fairly thick layer of dirt underneath everything and that he’s been really putting himself in a bad situations. Bad enough that it may cost him everything and affect his future. It just leaves me very worried that there is plenty of dirt we haven’t dug up yet and who knows what else we may find, or that is actually out there.

    If that is the case, there is really only one thing we can hope. And that is, he realizes this whole situation, and the kind of things he has been doing that could and might get him in trouble, now, or in the future. It’s all about putting yourself in the right situations, and if your always putting yourself in a bad position, it can really cost you. He needs to realize, he’s not some normal chump on the street. Eyes are directly on him, and if he lucks out, hopefully he has somewhat of a mind to focus on what really matters. And I hope he finds that football is what matters and living a good life. Hate to see him throw it all away if he does get another chance, because it’s not like he can’t turn it around. Thats if he gets a chance.

    I’d love to be wrong about Jolly. But it’s becoming that time where it’s starting to make me worry.

  3. cindy Van Vreede Says:

    I, too, am concerned about Jolly. It seems whenever he’s in Texas he gets in trouble. While in Green Bay he hangs with Donal Driver, Gregg Jennings and James Jones—the three guys who NEVER get into trouble. Too bad he can’t find good people back home. It seems like a lot of these young athletes can’t leave the neighborhood and the thugs that live there.

  4. DaveK Says:

    Cowboys, Eagles, Vikings, and 49ers are all reportedly not interested in Otogwe. The Rams clearly have an offer on the table and I am guessing these teams have decided he is not worth more then that. I’m guessing Otogwe wants about what the Giants over-paid for Rolle and the above teams have said ‘no thanks’.

    The Lions have said “they are taking a hard look” at him. Why wasn’t that done a month ago? Only the Lions….

  5. travis Says:

    He should return to the Rams shortly. Unless Lions go out and get him, which I would find a bad move on their part.. it seems no one else will take him and give him a hefty contract.

    And it’s not that I find him a bad player and don’t think he’s good. He definitely is near the range of a very nice contract, and it would improve the Lions if he went there. But it’s a bad move in my mind because that’s not the addition they should be going after that’s going to make this team win. It’s like Asomogah on the Raiders. Lions have a lot of issues, and it’s going to take a lot of patience to turn it around. The second they go out and rush things, they’ll slide down the cliff again and have to begin climbing all over. But being a Packer fan, it may not be a bad thing 🙂

    I really don’t care about the whole Otogwe situation. More interested in hearing about Elvis Dumerville and what’s going on with him. As well as some news with Jolly.

    Also read today about Harris and we could potentially be at risk with him. It was not a simple ACL tear, and was a very rare injury. I can’t even remember the things he tore and don’t think I could prenounce each one. Either way it’s a very ugly injury, a lot worse than I figured and is concerning. But it’s true that he is making a marvelous recovery, because its rare for a player to come back from an injury like this to begin with. I hope he can make it for the start of the season, but it seems like a long shot.

    I do wish him the best and hope he comes back and can still play at a high level, but it won’t be easy. And this could get ugly with our CB situation. I hope were prepared, because with the team we got, it’d be very disappointing for it to fail.

  6. mark Says:

    not too concerned about this but overall i am concerned about us being over confident- at the middle of last year i threw in the towel and then we’re in the playoffs? im gonna keep my heart at bay(pun?) and just let things play out.

  7. Joe Says:

    Any one following the Underwood story? http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/95693179.html

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