Super Bowl at Lambeau someday?


Read here from ESPN – the NYG/NYJ will be hosting the 2014 Super Bowl in what sounds like a financially-motivated-one-time-exception for the NFL. Apparently there is not a plan to change the rule that the Super Bowl must be played either in a dome or in a location where temperatures remain above 50 degrees that time of year. 2014 is an exception will be an exception.

I bet Brother Steve is hoping that this will eventually lead to a rule change – Steve wrote just a couple years ago on this very topic both for Packergeeks here and for the Wall Street Journal (find the WSJ link within the Packergeeks post). I have to say, not sure they’d be a better party than a Super Bowl at Lambeau – especially if the Packers were playing in it!

12 Responses to “Super Bowl at Lambeau someday?”

  1. Ron LC Says:

    A wonderful fantasy! No hotels and no resuturants! No where to have all the other events that are associated with SB eek. Too bad it would really be a great thing.,

  2. TheChoj Says:

    “Hey, I got tickets to the Super Bowl at Lambeau!”
    “Really? Where are you staying while you’re up there?”

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I hate to burst your bubble, but… there’s no way. From wikipedia:

    NYC average high for February: 41.0F
    GB average high for February: 28.9F

    That 12-degree difference is probably a deal-breaker all by itself. Even Minneapolis/St. Paul and Detroit (much larger markets, and domed stadiums) have only hosted a combined 3 Super Bowls.

    Add in the fact that the Green Bay metro area is 1/4 the size of even the next smallest markets (Jacksonville, New Orleans, Buffalo), and, well…

    Will just have to be happy with the NFC Championship game coming to town.


  4. travis Says:

    first off Milwaukee is not far. And obviously if the SB was coming to Green Bay the city would arrange with close by places for shuttle service.

    You show your ticket you get on for free, or a small fee etc. You get to the place your staying safely and allows you to party and enjoy the festivities all night the entire time your there. It will still be a week long celebration with parades and parties and all that, but with arranged shuttle service with scheduled departures, that surely would work.

    And the mention about temperature… Yeah it’s cold. If your going to play a game in that bad of weather, if there was one place, it would be in Green Bay. The experience would be amazing. I know it will be cold, but your not going to be expecting a bright sunny day with the birds chirping. It’s not like this would be a yearly SB, it’s a rare occasion played in Green Bay. We have had many december football games in Green Bay, and even NFC Championship games. The temperature doesn’t vary that much between one or two weeks.

    The NFL has a very different approach to the Championship game. It’s a single game, with no series, and the place is assigned years in advance. I like that. To me it works. It’s not a home crowd, etc. It may seem silly to not involve home crowd, but a single game winner takes all is crucial. So you have it at a certain place determined years in advance and the teams show up and go for it all. This allows the NFL with the possibility of mixing it up. Football is not just bright sunny skies. Football is played through everything. And if you are going to pick one stadium for an experience, whether it’s a random regular season game, or a playoff or SB game, Lambeau is the most obvious choice.

    If the NFL wants fans to get an experience, Green Bay needs to be considered. It can truly fail miserably is Green Bay is not prepared. They need to make sure the fans aren’t focused on the weather and the conditions and are focused on the things going on before the game, during the game, and after the game. As well as all the events throughout the week before and after. You need to make sure the fans are in it. You need to make the players as involved as possible with the most interaction you can get out of them. Partying, drinking, dancing with the players, coaches and stuff is a must. Everyone needs to be there having fun, and it will be a success no matter how cold.

  5. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    thechoj – well put, simply put, covers it. so, of course, i’ll use more words to say the same thing.

    we want the game at lambeau. who wouldn’t.

    we don’t want the ‘fans’ in green bay, filling every small town in northern wisconsin, and door county, and on boats in the bay, puking in the streets, trashing the beauty that is wisconsin.

    if FIB’s bother us every summer, there’s no way this would be acceptable. let’s keep the bullshit in cities that can handle it/want it.

  6. Schaefer Says:

    funny stuff thechoj

    no way would GB be able to handle it, nor would they really even want it. NYC is one of the largest and coolest cities on the planet and can accommodate anything….and as Trav alludes to, make people not focus on the weather and conditions.

    The Pack wonderfully represent WI as a whole… but as a city itself, not sure if most of us would really want to hang in GB if the Pack didn’t reside there. (not to disparage any GB residents, as it’s probably a great place to live) and I think people would focus on the weather and/or all of the other things that would be lacking in having the largest NFL party of the year in such a small market.

    I don’ think I would even want the game there, as I don’t think the rest of the world could really appreciate how special Lambeau is. I feel like national media and lame quasi celebrities would just bash our beautiful little slice of heaven, wondering why they weren’t at some club in Miami.

  7. Kozak Says:

    This is a terrible idea. Far too much chance of weather being the major factor in the Superbowl. I’d much rather see them limit the SB to warm weather sites, and/or domes.

  8. Nick Says:

    Being a former GB resident (and my family still there) I have to say this has always been a dream. From an economic standpoint it would add tremendously to the city and by far the most by % of any super bowl in history (due to small economic engine currently given its size).

    However, I think the SB has become too much of an entertainment venue first, and game second, for GB to be a real possibility. The commish would have to forfeit the flash and go for tradition for the year.

    I think as a potential milestone super bowl of NFL anniversary it would be great and possible (think Super bowl 75 or NFL 75 years old) to honor history, but until then, a pipe dream is all it will be.

    That, and its cold.

  9. CindyV Says:

    If anyone thinks a Superbowl in New York would be too cold to attend, I will gladly take their tickets out of their freezing fingers.

  10. awhayes Says:

    Interesting thoughts all – Nick, interesting thought about having Lambeau possibly host a milestone SB – that’s what Mike Greenberg from Mike and Mike in the morning said this morning on ESPN radio. I could see something like that…

  11. DaveK Says:

    There are enough hotels in Greenbay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, etc…to host a superbowl. Plus, the city and the Packers would have 4+ yeas to prepare for it. They could create some amazing venues for the pre-party and post party events. Let’s think out of the box a little people before just dismissing Green bay as an option. It would have some challenges and if would be a different kind of event then one held in a big city but it could be done if the motivation was there. I LOVE the idea of making it a ‘milestone SB’. Make it more about the history of the Superbowl, the amazing games, the great plays, the great players, Vince Lombardi, and less about which Vodka company is hosting which pre-party with what celebs are attending.

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