Greg Jennings’ other career


Check this out from Youtube. Jennings had a brief cameo on the show Criminal Minds.

My unofficial review: he seems to have more acting presence than the other actors on that show. Not sure what that says really but having seen his Fox 6 Milwaukee segment where he interviews other athletes (like Shaq) a few times, his quality acting isn’t too surprising to me. He has a good presence.

6 Responses to “Greg Jennings’ other career”

  1. 56Coop Says:

    Well, College just signed his RFA. Whoopty freakin doo.

  2. Doug In Sandpoint Says:

    Totally unrelated to the Jennings post, but brother Steve’s article in the Weekly Standard is a hoot. Maybe we could get some stimulous funds to study the effects of brandy and beer on the ability to tailgate in below zero temperatures. I bet he has some experience there too.

    I’m not to fond of this time of year when the Packer news is so slow.

  3. travis Says:

    great read, looking forward to seeing if Finley can do it and be this person, on the field and off. What a great thing if he can do it and be such a great person.

    But I’m a bit curious about the knee injury he had last year. He mentions it is still bothering him even though that was months ago. I hope there are no issues and that he’s more than ready to go when camps and stuff get rolling. As much as we need him healthy for the START of the season, it’s also just as important to have him there the couple months before so he’s practicing, learning and staying in shape. Especially to continue to gel with the offense and players. I want Rodgers and Finley to basically be brothers so they just can do so many amazing things together and have that connection. One scary tandem, and with them both being very young, could end up having HoF careers and make history.

  4. CindyV Says:

    This from Peter King of Sports Illustrated Online:

    So for five straight years there’s been at least a 50-percent turnover in the playoff teams. Remember that as you throw crap at your computer when you see I don’t have New England making the playoffs, but I do have Carolina in the big dance. There’s not quite the same high number of playoff changes (I have five of 12 different from 2009), but I do have five of eight division winners changing.

    1. Green Bay. It’s not just the maturation of Aaron Rodgers. It’s the carryover from a fluky end to 2009 (the weird playoff loss at Arizona) and the fact that only one team in football — New Orleans — had a better point differential than the Pack’s plus-164 last year. I like Jermichael Finley to become a great player in his second starting season. I don’t trust the pass-rush (where Clay Matthews is the only real thing), and I worry about two of the top three corners coming off ACL surgery, and aging. But the defensive front is formidable, and a very good match for the good run teams of the AFC North. I also like Weeks 2 through 5 on the schedule (Buffalo, at Chicago, Detroit, at Washington), which sets up for a strong start.

    Read More:
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  5. Nick Says:

    The Vikings were ranked 13th

  6. Nick Says:

    Twelve spots behind the packers. Coincidentally, thats how many championships they are behind too.

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