The only time I’ll ever pay attention to cricket…


Sure, cricket is a weird sport that nobody understands. I’m not sure that cricket players themselves even know all the bizarre rules. And sure, it’s pretty much the opposite of NFL football in the gametime excitement department. But for Afghans who don’t have much and who continue to deal with an ongoing, exhausting war – this story about their rising in the cricket world to qualify for cricket’s World Cup is, as the author puts it, “stunning”.

This will mark the first time I will ever follow a cricket tournament of any kind. I will follow this tournament even though the only way I’ll know if Afghanistan has beaten India in Game 1 is if someone clearly states “Afghanistan won”.  And I will follow this tournament even though the game, which is scheduled for May 1st, may not end until May 4th. Go Afghanistan!

10 Responses to “The only time I’ll ever pay attention to cricket…”

  1. Nick Says:

    While in London waiting for a flight, I watched cricket for over two hours.

    I still have no idea what is going at any point in that game.

  2. travis Says:

    What blows my mind the most is whoever actually came up with the idea and all the rules.. Probably one drunk night where they came up with a bunch of random **** and the next day they remained dedicated to their idea.

  3. Nick Says:

    After ten or twelve beers:

    “And all players must wear sweater vests at all times.”

  4. travis Says:

    sounds like drunk talk to me

  5. Nick Says:

    Just in case anyone needed a “pick-me-up”:

    (Slight language – young children beware)

  6. Joe Says:

    thanks Nick. I feel good today. 🙂

  7. awhayes Says:

    Me too Joe. Nicely posted Nick.

    Imagine the roar of laughter after the one guy suggested the sweater vests. But the rule stuck as did every other loony idea they came up with that night like “let’s have the games last an indefinite amount of time until the more assertive of the two teams declares itself the winner”.

  8. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    the key to any absurd idea turned success, as well as the cure to hangovers, is to NOT STOP DRINKING.

  9. 56coop Says:

    IN football related news:

    Here we go again……

  10. English packer Says:

    Hey, come on folks cut us Brits some slack here. What is wrong with playing the same game for five days and it still ending in a draw. . . oh, I seewhat you mean 🙂

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