Adalius Thomas anyone?


Reader Raymidge (and PFT) reporting that Adalius Thomas has just been released by the Pats. He came to NE a few years ago anointed the next big LB only to fall on his face. But from the reading I’ve done on the subject over time, a fair amount of this had to do with an injury and then a falling out with coach Bill Belichick. Physically, he’s impressive and would certainly fit the bill as an OLB for the Pack. I just don’t know what kind of salary he’d command and if he wants too much, I don’t think I’d bother. But he’s the kind of guy at least worth considering based on just how good he was when he was good. He wasn’t just good, he was unreal.

12 Responses to “Adalius Thomas anyone?”

  1. Nick Says:

    I think he would be a great fit opposite Clay Matthews.


  2. Joe Says:

    It looks like an even better idea in light of this:

  3. DaveK Says:

    Someone probably gives him stupid money and that won’t be TT. If not, he might be worth considering. It could be that NE cut him for reasons other then his production on the field. He had a public spat with Belichick about a one game suspension for being 10 minutes late to a practice. I also remember him griping how they handled his arm injury in 2008. Couple all that with his $4.5 million salary and NE may just have wanted to cut ties even with decent on the field production. But, honestly I have no idea how he played last year and how he fits into Caper’s version of the 3-4. I’ll trust Reggie McKensie and TT to pour over the tape and make that call. Same with Faneca….or Hovan….or any other aging vet hitting the street after the draft.

  4. jacobs7191 Says:

    Well I did some research(actually, thats how I found this blog). Sounds like in Baltimore he was more of an attacker on the defensive side of the ball. He wanted to get to the QB and they let him. It also mentioned in New England they like to send their LB’s into coverage a lot more than the Ravens(or Packers). So, if you ask me, it sounds like he would be a good fit for our 3-4. Capers loves to be aggressive, and with Matthews on one side and Thomas on the other. Yikes! If he could even get close to his Pro Bowl years again. It’s at least worth a look TT. This would even help our shotty secondary, and make up for not drafting at the CB or LB position. Most likely he will end up with his former defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, when he was with Baltimore, in New York. Wouldn’t mind seeing him in Green and Gold, though.

  5. Ron LC Says:

    With Thompson gone the OLB depth chart is getting thin. Maybe they could move some guys around. Go get him.

  6. Nick Says:

    Thomas complained last year that he wasnt getting enough pash rush reps. We need a pash rushing OLB.

    I think its a good fit.

  7. Wiscokid Says:

    Not likely TT will pony up the cash, but I like him.

  8. awhayes Says:

    nice research Jacobs. I tend to agree Wiscokid it’s likely TT won’t consider him due to $.

    I know I often write posts like this when some new veteran is available. I don’t always mean to say “TT, you HAVE to sign this guy”. Often, I am simply saying we need to consider the guy and do what we have to do to fully consider someone – whether that’s meeting with him or talking to his agent or finding out specific health/psychological info about him etc.

    And, part of the reason I’d be inclined to look further at Faneca and Thomas both is that I just have this sneaking suspicion that we are 1-2 players short of having a Super Bowl quality set of starters.

  9. travis Says:

    Well too little too late, he’s signed with Arizona. A one year 2.5 million dollar contract with 100k signing bonus. Seems pretty cheap, but I think his decline might just not be worth it. Let’s work with people who are going to improve.

  10. RayMidge Says:

    travis, I think you mean Faneca signed with Az.

    I think Thomas would be a great fit for the right price and (the biggest thing) if he really wants to be a Packer. Vet FA’s have to be motivated and have to want to fit in to the team they are signing with. If Thomas is signed to be part of a versatile group of LBs and he is set loose as a passrusher I would think he still has a lot to offer. Thomas’ greatest success came in Bal. where the D was unselfish and aggressive, similar to the style Capers has brought to GB.

    I suspect that one of the reasons that TT is so picky in free agency is that the right fit is so hard to find and the wrong fit can be more than just an isolted mistake, it can upset the team in a larger way and actually set a team back.

  11. travis Says:

    hehe clicked the wrong article!

    My bad

  12. Ryan ross Says:

    This is typical every year this happens we have a chance to make a bowl run we dont make the move and someone else gets the guy we need to win a bowl the packers have a difficult schedule and we need adalius opposite clay matthews for example when Favre wanted Randy Moss we didnt make a move now favre plays for minnesota lol what a joke

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