Faneca or no?


This seems to be a question lots of teams may be throwing about right now. Apparently he was cut because he refused to take a pay cut – his 2010 $ number is $7.5 million. That is a steep salary and my guess is some desperate team will come forward and gladly give him that – could end up a bidding war. The guy is still good, though some believe his level of play declined the last two years.

I see Faneca as someone definitely worth considering. Even if his play declined, I sure didn’t notice it as the Jets seemed to run at will. Maybe his pass blocking was suspect or something, but nothing stood out to me as being negative last year for him – and if fact, many accounts indicated he was a real leader on the team.

There are essentially two important questions we need to ask ourselves about Faneca before going after him: 1) would he be able to make the transition from a decade of mostly run-first football to an ostensibly pass-happy team? and 2) would he be worth shelling out at least $7.5 million?

I can say this with certainty: Faneca would be better at left guard than our present LG, Daryn Colledge. No doubt. Even in a new pass-happy system, he would definitely be an upgrade. If the coaches are even entertaining the thought of keeping Colledge as the starting left guard, I would say we should go after Faneca. If we had a line of Tausch, Sitton, Wells, Faneca and Clifton – with some quality, bright, young depth in Lang, Bulaga and Spitz, I would feel a lot better about our O-Line and Rodgers staying upright. OK, I’ve talked myself into it – go after Faneca TT.

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  1. DaveK Says:

    The Jets were a half a game away from the Superbowl last year. Top rushing team in the league. A team on the cusp doesn’t dump a pro-bowl vet unless they think he just can’t get it done anymore. It wasn’t about $ as this is an uncapped year. And, not one other team was willing to give up a 6th round pick for him? That should say something. Apparently, the Jets feel they have a better option on the roster. That better option will either be unproven 6th round pick from last year Matt Slausen or their rookie Vladimir Duccasse who seems very raw. I’m guessing if they thought Faneca had anything left in the tank they wouldn’t be cutting the guy in April. Browsing Jet fan sites, they don’t seem to be too upset. Apparently, he was decent in run blocking and abysmal in pass pro last year. Third in the NFL in sacks given up. The Bears will probably sign him. They have a need and he’ll be this year’s Orlando Pace. It will be interesting to see where he lands and if the Packers do have interest it will say quite a bit about what they think of Colledge.

  2. 56coop Says:

    Last thing the Pack needs is an abysmal pass blocker, if that’s the case. I can’t see TT making this move especially if it’s gonna cost 7.5 mil.

  3. Nick Says:

    I wouldnt say hes an abysmal pass blocker. The guy was a pro-bowler last year.

    And the Jets picked up a BUNCH of free agents this year – so them releasing him doesnt necessarily mean he’s washed up – just that they think the backups are serviceable enough to spend that big chunk of change at a skill position.

    That being said, I think $7.5MM is too rich for him. If the pack could lock him up for ~$5MM and a two year contract; I think its a good sign.

  4. Ron LC Says:

    Actually, the capless year has very little to do with FA signings this year. With a few major exceptions the FA market has laid a big fat egg. The Bears took a huge hit in the market and probably don’t have anything left in the bank account. The slowness is most likely due to the lack of cash in the teams’ bank accounts.

    At $7.5 mil there won’t be much activity for him. At a lower price, I think GB should take a look. Right now the Packers have a future All-Pro in Sitton and a guy with great potential in Lang. Lang has not proved himself yet. The rest of the current roster is anything but a strong point. Barbre and Breno need to step up this year or it’s the cutting block for them. Spitz has played 4 full years without stepping up to a higher level. And, ED-S, who seems to garner a reputation has played slightly more than 1/2 of football in the Oline.

    The draft has delivered two guys we hope will turn into future stars. To get there GB needs veteran fill-ins. They already have Clifton and Tauscher that will not play all 16 games this year. Colledge is going to have to play better, assuming he signs, to give the line stability. And who can say what will happen to Wells. Yes, we should go after Faneca. Up to the draft GB has done nothing to improve its’ Oline composition.

  5. DaveK Says:

    “But Faneca is starting to show his age. Football Outsiders managing editor Bill Barnwell recently produced a study on missed pass-blocking assignments. Faneca was the league’s most frequently beaten left guard. He gave up seven sacks and three quarterback hurries.”

    From everything I have read it seems to me that he is still a fairly good run blocker and hardly adequate in pass protection. Is he worse the Colledge? I don’t know. I do know that the Jets ran more then they passed and if he led the league in missed pass-blocking assignments in that offense I wonder how many missed assignments he gives up in a pass first Packer offense.

  6. DaveK Says:

  7. Daybreak Doppler: Drafted Out « - A Wisconsin Sports Blog Says:

    […] In non-draft related news, the Jets released LG Alan Faneca, Packergeeks makes a case for the Packers picking him up. […]

  8. RayMidge Says:

    Adalius Thomas released by Pats . . . this guy would be a perfect fit for the Pack.

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