2nd round pick: Michael “no quads” Neal


Interesting picture here. This guy has tree trunks for legs. Seems that would be a good thing for holding the line as a DT in the 3-4. His strength is apparently his strength. I find it somewhat interesting TT went for a guy who admits his conditioning hasn’t been great and by extension, someone who allegedly takes plays off here and there. This strikes me as one of those picks TT make where he likes the potential in a guy and has the faith in his coaching staff to develop the guy well.

As far as need, I didn’t see a huge need for a DE. But maybe TT saw this guy’s strength and figured he’d be a natural as a 3-4 DE to hold the blocks/hold the line allowing our LBs to make plays.

13 Responses to “2nd round pick: Michael “no quads” Neal”

  1. travis Says:

    I don’t think anyone needs to say too much just yet. Let’s see how this works out. I wouldn’t be excited, but don’t get pissed off yet. This could be a great move or a bad move, and the ONLY way we’ll determine that is with time.

    Regardless, I think there is some good to it just as speculation. And I’ll be quick. This is the type of thing that Capers can really use. Capers does so many things, rotates people all over the place. We have a solid line, and by adding him, his strength should be able to make an impact. Now if we lose Jolly, we’d really be hurting on the line, and now we have a guy in that case. As well, an injury on the line would hurt us as well should that happen, so this depth does help.

    I read he commanded double teams here and there. If that starts happening, it will open things up for Clay and Brad Jones (if we don’t get an OLB). Having Pickett, Raji (2nd year, should be better especially that he’s healthy), Jolly (we hope) and Jenkins, having this guy could be even better. And like I said, if this front 3 (including the rotations and stuff Capers would do) can play very strong and control their offensive line, our OLBs will really put on the pressure.

  2. travis Says:

    Pack just traded up 15 spots. Picked up a safety, Morgan Burnett I think

  3. ace Says:

    Pick not so illogical. Jolly may be in jail or suspended if Goodell follows up on the Roethlisberger let’s punish hard change in direction. I think Jolly and Jenkins contracts expire in 2011 (someone should check on that). Montgomery is gone. Kampmann (altho a linebacker) is gone. Neal was generally considered a 3rd to 4th round pick so I am surprised he moved up for GB. On the other hand Jennings was projected 4th round, went 2d and it paid off. Forget for the time being the J. Harrell pick. TT does his own thing and does ok.

  4. DaveK Says:

    Doesn’t seem like a need position but after this year they could be really thin at DE. Jolly has legal issues and is in a contract year. Jenkins is also in a contract year. Harrell can’t stay off IR. Wynn and Montgomery are not going to cut it. Fits a need for next year. Also looks like a guy that can hold the point as a 3-4 DE.

    Packers traded up to get Burnett in the 3rd. I thought they might take him in the 2nd. He’ll push Bigby for his job and might be the nickel CB as he has good speed and range per reports. With the trade, they essentially used their 3rd and 4th to pick him. By jumping up they also kept the Bears from taking him a few picks later. Ha!

    Looks like Jones is going to be starter again at OLB opposite Clay unless they strike gold in the 5th round. The defense will need some more production from Jones especially if teams double Clay like AZ did in the playoffs.

    Harris is coming back healthy and Lee staying healthy and developing at CB is also a big deal now that they won’t get a CB until the 5th at the earliest.

  5. Nick Says:

    I give the draft about a C. I dont think it was all that great minus the Bulaga pick, to be honest.

  6. Ron LaCanne Says:

    If looks can be used to project ability this guy is no lose. Unfortunately, they don’t. This one is either Capers or TT saying someone else is interested and we won’t get him if we wait til the 3rd pick. That move ultimately cost GB their 4th pick. The Bears were going to take Hunter ahead of GB.

    He may be something special and is a late bloomer. His record at Purdue was good, nothing special.

  7. DaveK Says:

    Funny that people assign grades to draft classes right after the draft ends. Usually based on that person’s perception of needs that were either filled or left unfilled. Not saying that need isn’t a factor but the draft is more about finding players who can contribute for the next 5 years and avoiding ‘needs’ in the future. i.e.-you dont pass over a TE on the top of your board to take a CB or OLB not rated out as highly. That’s a good way to draft a bust at a ‘need’ and create a ‘need’ at TE down the road.

    Marshall Newhouse could be the next Clifton or the next Jamon Meredith. Burnett might be the next Nick Collins or the next Marquand Manuel. Seventh round pick C.J. Wilson could be like last year’s 7th rounder Brad Jones and contribute this year or he could get cut in camp.

  8. Nick Says:

    I agree Dave, drafts really only pan out after a few years.

    But I’m looking at the Packers needs, and how they drafted based on those needs.

    From my perspective, they needed, O linemen, DB’s (as were getting old), OLB’s, S, TE, and the rest…

    That being said, we got an OL, S, TE, and a DT. I dont think we drafted well based on what we needed.

  9. Nick Says:

    Also – I agree with the Ron Wolf philosophy in drafting the best player available and quasi-ignoring needs in the short term; but when you have a playoff caliber team with just a few holes, I think that needs to change a little bit and you should fill your weak spots first.

    Hard to say if the Pack was right or wrong right away…..I just think the back half of their draft was not all that great.

  10. DaveK Says:

    But Nick, how do you know what we will need in two years? Five years? The draft isn’t just about this next year. It is about the next five+ years and if you draft the best players regardless of need then you avoid needs down the road because those players make the team and stick around. If you chase needs then you pass on better players and the players you do draft have a greater chance of busting. I’m not saying needs are irrelevant because they do factor into the equation. One, you may pass on a better player because he has not chance of making the roster. (QB, K, KR, long snapper, etc..) Two, I am sure when there are 5 players rated out about equal on the board they consider need. But, good GM’s never pass over considerably better talent because of short term need. That is why we get a 5th round TE’s and not an OLB or a DB.

  11. Ron LaCanne Says:

    Dave, The Newsome anaolgy is interesting. Our best young Olineman is by far Josh Sitton. He too, was a fifth round comp pick. And, as I remember when he showed up his body was far short of Adonis, Like Newsome, he jiggled in a lot of places. And look how he turned out.

  12. Nick Says:


    Thats fine – but do you really think the Pack grabbed the most talented guys out there with their picks?

    I dont. Just my opinion.

    I didnt say it was a bad draft – I said it was a C – average. They didnt get any game changers/play makers, and I dont think they threw any picks away.

    Time will tell, but from a snapshot point of view, I dont think it was any better than average.

  13. 56coop Says:

    Personally, I would draft according to best available and address needs in FA. Oh wait, TT doesn’t use FA. (Just kidding)

    Maybe there are a few surprises in store. I didn;t like reading in TT & MM’s interviews at Packers.com that they still think Poppinga & Barbre are keepers. OF course, they’re the GM & HC so I’d say they probably know a lot more than I do.

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