Bryan Bulaga


Great pick, great value.

That’s certainly our view. But it’s also the consensus of virtually everyone who has commented.

The Packers were surprised and thrilled to find Bulaga available. Watching the Ted Thompson press conference, it seemed clear that the pick was close to a no-brainer once Bulaga was actually available. Thompson told reporters that once the Packers were three or four picks away from Bulaga he couldn’t watch. Thompson also said he didn’t seriously consider trading back once he understood that he could pick Bulaga.

The one downside that draft experts have mentioned is Bulaga’s short arms. I would speculate that this concern is one reason that he fell from from very highest ranks of pre-draft projections. Gil Brandt, former Cowboys GM and NFL draft analyst, had Bulaga in his Top 10 overall picks. Draft guru Mike Mayock had him at #13 overall. Virtually every pre-draft assessment or mock draft had Bulaga going well before the Packers’ pick at 23rd.

One thing to like a lot: Bulaga is going to come in with the proverbial chip on his shoulder. He was the fourth offensive tackle taken and the 6th offensive lineman.


17 Responses to “Bryan Bulaga”

  1. TheChoj Says:

    from Aaron Rodgers twitter: “Thanks Ted!! He’s gonna look good in green and gold”

    from Ryan Grant’s twitter: “ohhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaa justt add on to the line pack lol..i like i like”

    really like this pick, and was shocked that he was still there. Really like his versatility…that fact that he can play LT, RT, and guard is a huge plus

    • Kozak Says:

      “from Aaron Rodgers twitter: Thanks Ted!! He’s gonna look good in green and gold”

      … and maybe I can watch more of the game from a vertical position this year!

  2. Max Says:

    I think it’s a good, safe pick. At the very least, it’s good insurance if Clifton misses a few games next season.

  3. Travis Says:

    It’s awesome that we were able to get a someone at a position we really needed for such great value. He slid, and was a potential high draft pick but he slid to us. Great pick.

    Tomorrow I’m pretty sure Kindle is still available. Would be awesome to see Ted lurking around trying to move up to snag him. If I remember correctly, he has slid too, and would be another great value, getting another talented player, at a position of definite need.

    (If I’m wrong, I’m blaming it on the fact it’s really late, and I’m not bothering to check whether I’m right or not..)

  4. PackerBelle Says:

    I think this was a very good pick. There were a lot of great guys available that I would have loved but I think Bulaga is probably the best option. We needed help on the line and it seems to me to be harder to get a good OT later than to find some good CBs and OLBs which we also need.

  5. DaveK Says:

    I think the Packers clearly had Bulaga high on their draft board. McGinn said this in a JSonline article a few days before the draft:

    “One of three offensive linemen (center Maurkice Pouncey, tackles
    Bryan Bulaga and Anthony Davis) whom sources within the league
    indicate Thompson regards as elite will begin to slide, prompting the
    general manager to part with perhaps a third-round selection in order
    to move up and grab one of them.”

    Kirk Ferentz knows how to coach lineman having spent a few years in the NFL as an o-line coach. This kids will be ready to play. Add to last year’s draft additions of Lang and Sitton and you have to be hopeful the Packers line can be productive post Clifton/Tauscher.

    RT: Tauscher / Lang / Bulaga
    RG: Sitton / Lang
    C: Spitz / Wells / Dietrich-Smith
    LG: Bulaga / Colledge / Spitz / Lang
    LT: Clifton / Buluga

    Depending on how high the Packers are on Dietrich-Smith backing up Spitz they could possible trade Wells as a way to move up in round 2 or 3. Wells is a productive established center and teams that were not able to address that need may take drop back 8-10 spots to get a starter on the 0-line.

  6. RayMidge Says:

    Plus, Bulaga is just really fun to say!! Ideally he’s the short terms solution at LG and the long term solution at one of the T.

    Any thoughts on Roy Williams if he gets cut loose or traded by Dal (as everyone seems to think will happen after they selected Des Bryant)? I always liked/feared him on Det, and I think that he woud be a great fit in the GB offense if he can be had for the right price. Big guy with good hands. Don’t know if he is a head case, though.

  7. 56coop Says:

    And, the guy just looks like a Packer should look….

  8. DaveK Says:

    Packers will have to wait while 22 other teams pick. Here who is currently on my checklist for best available in the 2nd round:

    OLB: Kindle, Sapp, Norwood, Misa, D. Washington
    CB: Cook, Murphy
    S: Mays, Nate Allen, Major Wright, Morgan Burnett, Chad Jones
    OT: Saffold, Brown, Ducasse, Campbell
    WR: Golden Tate

    Adding another OT wouldn’t surprise me if they have them graded highly: Saffold could probably play RT right away. Brown, Ducasse, and Campbell are all said to have size and talent to be legit LT’s in the NFL but all three will require some refinement and thus some risk. Sitting behind Clifton/Tauscher for a year may be perfect for them. With Bulaga, Sitton, Spitz, and Lang you could then have your starting five for years to come.

  9. Ron LaCanne Says:

    Yahoo!! I am a very happy guy today. Another good potential lineman in the fifth will close that out nicely. Unlike others here, I have absolutely no confidence in Spitz. 4 years and absolutely no upward progress demonstrated, especially at Center. Right now Lang and hopefully Bulaga will give GB adequate backup. The rest are well below average players.

  10. cindy Van Vreede Says:

    Aaron Rodgers slid in the draft when the Pack picked him. It turned out just fine. I like Bulaga and I think the kid will have a good career in Green Bay.

  11. Nick Says:

    The only knock I have on him is that he resembles Tony Mandarich in the face. In no way does this reflect his playing ability or the quality of the pick; just an observation.

    It was a good pick. Its certainly not “sexy” to pick an OT in the first round – but TT definitely didnt see him dropping that far and he had to pull the trigger.

    I know the Pack really wanted Jerry Hughes (OLB, TCU) – but once Bulaga was available they let him go.

    Word on the street is that S/DB litter the draft board for second-fifth rounds…….

  12. TheChoj Says:

    Nick…to be honest I see a little more Ray Nitschke in the face than Mandarich, just way less mean looking

  13. Ron LaCanne Says:

    Actually I see Fuzzy Thurston coming around the corner on the sweep.

  14. Greg Says:

    From all the press it sounds like the Packers got a good first round pick in Bulaga.

    I was somewhat surprised they didn’t go for a guard or a linebacker (I was hoping they would take the OLB from TCU) instead of a tackle. Especially since they just paid millions to Clifton and Tauscher. I think Clifton and Tauscher have been great players for the Packers, but both are clearly on the downside of their careers. So, why pay them so much and then draft an OT? I would have rather let one of them go and gone after a free agent. The Bears and Lions have really seemed to load up in free agents this year and TT again didn’t. We’ll see see how the results turn out, I just think we over paid for Clifton and Tauscher and then used the first round pick for the same position.

  15. Nick Says:

    Eh – shave Mandarich’s head and its a Bulaga face.

    I dont think he will play like that – just saying.

  16. Nick Says:

    Greg – They wanted Hughes….they really did. But Bulaga was higher on the draft board and they were amazed he fell to them.

    I think it was a good opportunistic pick.

    Hughes will probably be a beast for the Colts, though. Him and Sergio Kindle on the Ravens.

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