Pack’s 2010 Schedule


Read here from Several thoughts:

  • Tough to open up in Philly – but at the same time, playing a quality team in a hostile environment might just be the best way to open up. It will tell us all immediately if the team is well-enough prepared.
  • In fact, the first 4 road games could all be tough (@ Phil week 1, @ Chic week 3, @ Wash week 5, @ NYJ week 8).
  • Difficult stretch after the bye week with 4 of 5 games on the road (@MN, @Atl, home SF, @Det, @NE). Hopefully by then we will have built up a good enough record to be able to absorb a loss or two.
  • I do like ending the season with 2 homes games – even though the opponents NYG and Chic are decent.

Still feeling quite good about the team heading into this coming year.


3 Responses to “Pack’s 2010 Schedule”

  1. Travis Says:

    Difficult schedule it seems compared to years past, but we do have a very talented team so no matter what game we should be able to put up a very strong fight. I wouldn’t say we’d have a tough time making playoffs, I think we are good enough to win all these game (but were not going to win all obviously.)

    Tougher schedule means we just need to be on our game. We have the talent all over the team. A few holes and issues with depth but I believe a lot will be taken care of through the draft and possibly get a couple UFA that may be nice pickups. They usually are great for depth. But with the current talent, and the draft making us better, it should be enough to say we are amongst the top of the NFL teams.

    But even though we may be one of the better teams, tough schedule means we got to earn it. I hope the players and coaches work hard this year because, put simply, it’s going to take a lot of work and effort to win a lot of these games. But having strong competition during the regular season will surely help in the playoffs because it won’t be a breeze up into the playoffs. The team will be used to tough games and close, nerve racking wins/losses. That playoff atmosphere and “close game” anxiety will not affect our players as much from playing their best.

    My concern though is part of which this team has high expectations this year. And I don’t want them to feel disappointed because we aren’t blowing out teams and rarely losing. Another 11-5 season won’t be easy and it’s possible to miss playoffs. I just believe if we stay focused and play at a high level the entire season, this could be one great season. But injuries, and a slow start is surely not going to fare well this year should that happen again.

    This team is surely capable, of both success and failure. If we don’t take each game seriously and put in the work, were going to see a lot of losses. No matter who we play this year, we can beat. But we can also lose to them too. Including Buffalo. Remember losing to Tampa last year. We’ve shown what we can do when we are putting in the time and effort, and when we are not.

    Bottom line, I’m very excited for this year. And I expect many good games with close outcomes. It should help Rodgers with his clutch play and could factor this post season should we make it. 2010 Season here we come, let’s make it a good one!

    And I love the fact we are a day away from the draft. I can smell the NFL air finally! 4 months till season opener

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    I’m going one game at a time Andy. After trying to predict last years’ degree of difficulty, I was so far off as to be embarassing. So, I quit. I won’t even bring up the Oline, I’m so disallusioned.

  3. Dave in Tucson Says:

    I think the Eagles will be in for a tough season this year, and week 1 is as good a spot as any to take them on. Rodgers and the offense should be able to move the ball on the Eagles D, and the defense should be able to make Kolb’s first start as #1 a memorable one.

    As for the Redskins… well, Shannahan might turn them around, but he’s got a lot of work to do. Having the Redskins playing at a competitive level by week 5 would be nothing short of miraculous.

    As for the NFC North:

    All the Lions need this year for an improvement is for Stafford and Megatron to stay healthy. And if they get Suh… he could make a difference on their last-place defense right from the start.

    The Bears are still in trouble. Even if Marz can cure Cutler’s interception problems, they still need to get some receivers to throw to.

    The Vikings… well, it depends on what Favre does, doesn’t it? I wish they would have made at least one of the Packers/Vikings matchup late season.


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