Flozell Adams released


Thanks to reader Nick for pointing this out. Nick believes Adams might be a good pick-up. I’m not sure just yet, still thinking about it. Adams went to 5 Pro Bowls, he’s been very reliable/healthy over his career, and he at least still thinks he’s got a few years left. On the other hand, he was among the most penalized O-Linemen in the league the last few years and he was also among the leaders in being fined.

My verdict: if we could snag him for a decent price, I’d think about adding him and here’s why: we need depth on the O-line. While I think there is a chance that Lang could develop and Spitz could contribute again some day, we lack depth on the O-line. Colledge is a weak to average left guard and Clifton has been mostly average the last few years. Wells, Sitton and Tauscher are all solid and are not weaknesses but again, the depth is a problem. Having a guy like Adams in the mix would at the very least enhance competition and add needed depth.

My guess is that he goes to another team for a bigger contract that we’d be willing to offer…a team more desperate for LT help.

2 Responses to “Flozell Adams released”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    No question, get him if they can. He’ll be a good backup for the likely injury to Clifton and maybe Tauscher. I don’t see either making it through all 16 games this year. He adds experienced depth. Who can deny GB needs that. What’s to lose? Some $$$$.

  2. Nick Says:

    You’re definitely right. Only for the right price is he worth it.

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