Agree with reader Nick – Myron Rolle is intriguing


Any player who passes up his senior year in college football to pursue academics at Oxford in England as a Rhodes Scholar, has his…stuff…together. Besides being brilliant and having his priorities straight, Rolle is described as having great ball-hawking and coverage skills all while being a relatively big dude (6’2″ 218). Given Bigby’s decent but not exceptional play, I could see going after Rolle in the first round – if nothing else it would add depth and protect us in case Bigby/Collins get hurt or if Bigby fizzles and gets released next year when his contract is up. And, if Collins and Bigby light it up, he could be developed and possibly be traded out at some point.

Some scout-types are trying to get worked up saying that he’s been out of football for a year so he may have trouble getting back into it. I don’t think that’s an issue at all for someone like Rolle. If he’d been injured and out of football for a year or if he had to sit out his senior year for failing in school maybe. But for this guy, missing a year of football won’t matter at all because he’ll have the smarts to prepare himself for the upcoming season.


3 Responses to “Agree with reader Nick – Myron Rolle is intriguing”

  1. Travis Says:

    This is definately intriguing. For one, as a safety, you need to be smart. Just like a QB, there is alot of mental stuff that pans out at the safety position. I think that will allow him to be above other safeties, because he is so smart.

    My knowledge of his skill and talent level are minimal. But it sounds like he has quite some talent. He will surely need to work hard and improve alot, but it truly sounds like he will be able to improve, and with the smarts this guy has, I can see this guy being a marvelous player.

    And Bigby worries me. I nearly fell in love with him back in 07 with his playoff play. His physical presence. But that to me seems to have disappeared. And I know he’s been hurt. But he keeps getting hurt, and that worries me. Even Collins has been banged up a bit in the last little while so having some depth is big.

    And heres a thought. If we drafted Rolle. Had this year to help him develop with Bigby starting. If Bigby can shine this year. We may be able to get something decent for Bigby and be left with Collins and Rolle. Thoughts?

  2. Ron La Canne Says:

    A risk at 23 because of the unknowns. Which is why it might be a good move to get him. Last year the 23 worked out good let’s go for two in a row. Anyone seen any film on him?

    As you look closer at this year’s draft the top tier (Star) players are not very deep. But the second level (Good Risk) is very deep. I think some good players can be had all the way through the 5th round.

  3. Nick Says:

    Exactly Travis. I dont think we have an immediate need at safety. but, as was evident when Bigby went down last year – we have NO depth. You bring in a very intelligent guy like Rolle and give him a year to train with some really athletic guys – he will be more than capable to start come 2011 – as well as be a viable backup this year.

    Remember the last really smart guy we drafted in the mid twenties? Guy by the name of A-Rodg? I dont think you can go wrong drafting this guy.

    Lastly, what a role model and ambassador for the team/football! The quintessential Packer.

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