No ceiling, no floor


Not only will there be no salary cap, but there is no salary minimum either. Will Tight Ted Thompson strive to have the league’s smallest payroll? Hope not.

4 Responses to “No ceiling, no floor”

  1. Joe Says:

    According to Andrew Brandt over at National Football Post, the lack of a floor is a bigger deal than the lack of a ceiling. He expects overall team payrolls to be down across the league.

  2. CSS Says:

    So, what unrestricted FA’s would you sign (cue crickets)? Every player tendered will be matched. This year’s FA class stinks and the feeding frenzy ensuing during the next 48 hours will grossly overpay for aging talent…no thanks.

    Do tell, who would you bring in and for what? No offense, but this sounds like casual fan chatter with no stated solution but a broad based criticism.

  3. TheChoj Says:

    Cliffy gets 3-year deal. A-Rodg’s blindside says “Thaaaaank Youuuuuuu!”

  4. Brady Augustine Says:

    I know it is hindsight but this offseason I am glad TT did not sign anyone. Other than Rolle, I don’t think any of them would have helped. Brandt did help a lot in looking properly at the uncapped year…he is a great resource.

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