Kapinos pissed, Colledge wanted franchise tag?


I apologize for the absence. I’ve been on vacation (in Arizona) and otherwise pretty busy. Also, not a whole lot going on in the NFL. (Though with free agency starting and the draft around the corner, I’m starting to tune in a bit more.)

Have read recently at jsonline and PFT that Jeremy Kapinos feels like he’s the scapegoat for the not-so-stellar net punting stats because the Pack did not opt to offer him a tender. He may have a point sort of, but he’s also not that critical to the team at this time. I’m not sure I would have offered him a tender either, but I have to admit, he did have some big punts down the stretch last season which made me wonder if he might be improving. But even if we tendered him and essentially thought of him as the starter going into next season, we’d need some good competition for him.

Colledge apparently is all worked up about being given a second round tender. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand what he expected. Read here from Bedard.

He isn’t that good and as PFT notes, and as Bedard notes I’d also be surprised if he were pursued by any other teams. It’s funny, watching a number of interviews over the years with Colledge, I get the impression that he is one of those guys who views himself as far more valuable to the team than most people think. Not saying he’s a jerk or anything, but he just seems too comfortable and he just acts too secure with his place on the team.

2 Responses to “Kapinos pissed, Colledge wanted franchise tag?”

  1. Joe Says:

    May be this will remind Colledge that he is not that special

  2. TheChoj Says:

    I’m pretty sure Uncle Teddy is confident that no one is going to come sweeping in and take Kapinos from under our noses. I fully expect it to be Kapinos and some rookie duking it out in training camp

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